Who wouldn’t love to have a perfect lawn? It is something to take great pride in, and people love to entertain on it, play on it, and relax on it as well. So how do you make sure that your lawn is the best in the neighborhood? Below are 10 top tips to follow.

Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Lawn

  1. Water deeply and for a long time, rather than often but shallowly.
  2. Make sure your lawn isn’t mowed too short. Cutting at the right length leaves it feeling comfortable to walk on, and it makes it easier for seed to germinate in areas where it is getting thin.
  3. Add more seed regularly, leaving your lawn looking lush and green. When you do this during the Spring and Fall, you won’t have to water it as often. Plus, it will leave your lawn ready for summer.
  4. Seed during the summer by harvesting your own seeds. This is free and it ensures you have the same plant on your lawn.
  5. Seed just before the rain. This helps you to save water, means you don’t have to weed as much, and helps you to save time.
  6. Mow at the right time, which is when the blades are about 3 ½ inch long. Leave the cuttings on the ground as a free fertilizer. Doing so also stops the lawn from going into shock, makes the soil healthier, and conserves moisture.
  7. Use some nutrient-rich topsoil or even compost in areas where your soil looks to be in need. This is very easy to do and is 100% non-toxic. You can even make your compost yourself, for free.
  8. Weed during the spring, particularly plantain, thistles, and dandelions. Doing so also means you will be weed-free during summer.
  9. Let your lawn breathe by raking it regularly and dethatching.
  10. Mow an overgrown lawn the right way so you don’t end up losing it completely.

Bonus Tip – Get in the Professionals

If all of the above sounds like a whole lot of work (it is), then there is another option: hiring a professional lawn care service. These types of companies, like TruGreen Lawn Care, have experience with all types of lawns. As their reviews show, they provide a fantastic and professional lawn service, and they really care about each customer. Additionally, True Green loves it when people comment on and reply to reviews. So if you see one and you found this review helped you, let them know. They will be able to look after your lawn properly at all times.

Yes, looking after a lawn is a lot of hard work. It is also valuable work and something that everybody can enjoy. You will have a beautiful garden, your community will look better, and your children can be physically active. Because so many of us live very busy lifestyles, consider hiring a professional company like True Green to ensure your lawn is completely healthy at all times.

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