When smartphones and apps first hit the market over a decade ago, only big-name brands had mobile apps. If you weren’t a business such as Bank of America, Google, or Apple, it was extremely risky and impractical to have your own app.

Fast forward to today, and now more businesses than ever have developed their own apps to supplement their product or service. Small and midsize businesses especially are following the trend, understanding the prominence that mobile devices will continue to display well into the future.

If you are wondering whether you should create a mobile app for your business, below are 3 reasons why you it might be a good idea.

To Provide More Value to Your Customers

Besides wallets, purses, and keys, the one thing no one leaves their home with these days is a cell phone, specifically a smartphone with apps. It’s the tool that people turn to the most when they need to get things done on the go.

Let’s say you run a pet-sitting and boarding business, for example. How convenient would it be for your customers to open up an app, view available kennels, and book directly through their phones?

People would love that.

No matter what kind of business you run, going mobile almost always provides more value to your customers.

High Return on Investment

More value to your customers usually leads to more revenue in your pockets.

Mobile apps are a piece of software. Software is one of those things that needs work on the front end to design and develop, but after that, works very efficiently with just a little bit of maintenance.

This means that minus a (sometimes) fairly significant upfront cost, you can expect a high return on investment in the long run.

If you’re curious as to what those upfront costs could be, you can run an app development estimate, and weigh whether it may be a good decision for you.

More often than not, it works out. Having an app for years to come adds big value for both you and your customers.

To Increase Brand Visibility and Marketing Reach

With people being arms-reach from their smartphones for up to 22 hours each day, how many of those would you say, on average, people use them?

In short, almost 4 hours. Every. Single. Day.

That means that if you have an app for your business – and your customers are using it – they will likely see it many times throughout the course of an entire day.

They will use it around family and friends. They will see it when they are scrolling through their phones looking for other apps.

You have a huge reach from a marketing perspective just by having another avenue for existing customers to use your product or service. Not to mention it opens up a reason for non-customers to reconsider switching to your business.

What Are You Waiting For?

The future is going mobile. For the reasons you learned above, you should definitely consider whether a mobile app is the right choice for your business. More than likely, you and your customers will benefit greatly, so why not get started today?