If you are a woman in business undoubtedly you will have heard about the glass ceiling, the certain level that women can’t get over in business. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to break through this glass ceiling and gain your rightful senior management position.

Get an MBA – an MBA will help to show off your advanced skills in business. You can get a high-ranking MBA in many places and almost any city all over the world. The places which do the best MBAs are major cities for example an MBA program in Barcelona, New York or London tends to be the best in terms of quality. An MBA will give you an extensive business tool kit and will also equip you with the soft skills to break through to top management positions. You might already have a university education but an MBA will give you the edge when it comes to promotion and senior management positions.

Learn how to sell – one of the best ways to get yourself noticed and to make a lot of money in the process is through sales. Sales is often considered a difficult department to get into and requires a large level of soft-skills to get into but these skills can easily be cultivated and once they are you will be well on your way to be earning great money. While, sales are considered a masculine dominated area women often make the best sales people. Sales skills are vital in the workplace not just for selling your products and services but most importantly to sell yourself.

Be direct – if you are already at the glass ceiling and are just not having promotion opportunities be direct to senior management about it. Often senior management don’t even recognise there is a problem. By being direct you can make things happen by brining people’s attention to a problem which the might have not realised was a problem.

It’s hard to break through the glass ceiling as a woman but by following these tips, you will be able to excel in your career and smash through that ceiling. Often what it takes is working harder than all of the men around you to be recognised for your skills and talents. For more women to be recognised in the workplace you need to be your best, because the better you are the better view management get of all women in your workplace.

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