If you work for a corporation, if you are thinking of writing a business plan, or you are trying to convince smart people to listen to you, a good presentation is key. To be taken seriously means to be prepared. Handing a guideline of your presentation to your listeners not only helps them follow along, but a professional booklet or book helps people to be able to revisit your presentation for further consideration. Here are some tips on completing a successful multipage document that will help you get what you want.


Binding is usually the last thing you might think of when presenting a sophisticated document, but sometimes it is good to think of the last thing first. When you think through an entire project from beginning to end, it can make the whole process easier. Spiral binding, stitch binding, perfect binding, and ring binding are all examples of binding that can be used. The right binding for the most professional looking book depends on the thickness of the book you are presenting to your listeners. Knowing the different binding methods can help make the process of making the rest of the document easier.

Graphs and Statistics

Visual stimulation with excellent facts and statistics really get people’s attention. People want facts they can wrap their head around, that they can remember, and be wowed by. By including visuals like graphs and images, you can help your reader develop the idea you are explaining in their own mind. This will help them help you more. Make your document as easy to follow and understand as possible. The less your reader has to figure out what you are saying, the more attention they will pay to your idea.

Good Information

Fill your book with good relevant information that will help your cause. Make sure you are helping people in some way for investors to come on board. Whoever your target audience is, keep them in mind when making your document. You want the information that you hand to them to be relevant to them or wow them in some way.

Good Paper

One of the joys in life for smart people is the feel of good paper in between their fingers. When presenting a professional manuscript, make sure to use good paper. You do not want to pick too thick of paper, because people will think that you are too wasteful. You do not want to pick a paper that is too thin, then people will think you are too cheap. Take your time and choose a paper that is an in-between thickness. Try to use recycled paper if you can.


Choosing the right font and font size is important for a document presentation. The font you choose will depend on what is in your document. If you are presenting to an industry that has a very specific way of printing material, then you have to adhere to the industry standard. Go with a more conservative font if you do not know which to choose from. You want to make a presentation easy for people to follow. When people are hearing your information for the first time, it is best to make it the least confusing for people to read. Taking your document to a professional printer on a USB drive will be the least expensive way of printing your document. You can also send it to online printing places via uploading.

Presenting a professional document is important in many industries. You want to be very detailed oriented when making your professional document so that the people who read the document know you mean business. Little mistakes and odd unclear parts can confuse a reader and make them put the document down. You do not want this to happen. Make a plan for yourself from start to finish and make as many decisions as you can as to how your final document will look and sound. Edit as many times as you can to catch as many mistakes as you can. Also, have someone else read your document before you professional print and bind your document. This will help your document look professional and get the results you are looking for.