As of 2019, marijuana is legal for recreational use in over 20% of the country and legal for medicinal use in almost 70% of the country. These places have created a rich opportunity for marijuana lovers, connoisseurs, businesses, and investors.

One thing noticeably missing in many of these areas are the marijuana cafes which are ubiquitous in other parts of the world where marijuana is legal. However, that’s about to change. But, is the United States ready for marijuana cafes?

What Is a Marijuana Cafe?

You may have heard of marijuana cafés, mainly in Europe. Sometimes they’re called coffeshops, cannabis cafes, marijuana lounges, or marijuana clubs. All these names describe a place where someone can consume cannabis.

These establishments allow for someone to socialize, relax, and generally enjoy the comforts of a typical café. In addition, people can do these things with the added benefit of marijuana consumption in some capacity.

What Does a Marijuana Cafe Look Like?

As with any type of café, a marijuana cafe can range widely in appearance, atmosphere, and available services. Where one café can have a close, warm, and intimate setting, another might offer large open spaces and room to move around more freely.

One example of what a marijuana cafe can look like in the United States comes from the Lowell Herb Co. One of the first marijuana cafes in the country is The Lowell Café from Lowell Farms. This establishment does a good job of showing what a marijuana café can look and feel like in the United States.

It helps that the Lowell Herb Co. has a very good reputation as a grower of high-quality cannabis and a vendor of high-quality cannabis products. Years in the market gave the group a good insight into what their clientele would want and expect from a marijuana cafe.

They took their expertise and knowledge to build a restaurant-style facility with a welcoming atmosphere. The Café works for all people whether they partake in cannabis products, are just curious about them, or just want a nice experience without cannabis involved.

While not all marijuana cafes will have the grander aspects of this one, the Lowell Café gives some insight into what will make marijuana cafes different from those abroad.

What Can Marijuana Cafes in the US Do Differently?

The United States isn’t the same as the Netherlands or other places that have marijuana cafes. Each state that allows for recreational use or public consumption will have different rules and regulations regarding how the consumption can take place.

What works for one café in California can become the model for another in Colorado. What doesn’t work in one place can inform how a rollout in another place can do things differently. This will all serve to create better cafes in a way that’s unique to the US.

In addition, places like the Lowell Café shows that a marijuana cafe can represent a high-end experience that isn’t the norm overseas. For example, the Lowell Café features dishes created by renowned cannabis Chef Andrea Drummer.

Marijuana cafes in the US will also bring cannabis to the masses. Many people are new to cannabis and cannabis products. These cafes can help guide them, educate them, and help them figure out what kind of consumption is the right type for their needs.

Not everyone has a lot of experience with cannabis, so the US cafes can do a lot to facilitate giving people a pleasurable first time or early experience with cannabis. All these things will help set US marijuana cafes apart, and places like the Lowell Café and others to come show that the United States is ready for marijuana cafes.