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Marketing efforts could go either way. They might succeed in boosting the popularity of the company. They could also fail and even hurt your business. You are lucky if your campaign worked and attracted some people to choose your products. If not, you might feel frustrated and decide to vent to people who work with you.

Before you decide to get enraged and speak ill of the people around you, it is crucial that you calm yourself and manage your emotions well.

Assess your role

Before you direct your anger at other people in the team, you need to assess first what you did to help the campaign succeed. If you did nothing to improve it or it was your idea that pulled everything down, you need to take responsibility. Do not hesitate to own up to your mistake in front of your employees. It is not a sign of weakness, but it tells how responsible you are.

Everything is not a failure

You think that the campaign failed because you only used one indicator to gauge its success. Perhaps, there are other ways to determine how successful the campaign was. By using alternative metrics, you might realise that it was not a disaster after all. In some respects, the campaign still did well, and you need to bank on it as you move forward.

Change the narrative

Instead of dwelling on the failure, you might want to change the narrative and focus on what else you can do for the future campaigns. Perhaps, you can come up with a new marketing plan. You can also send a message on behalf of the company. Try to apologise for an insensitive ad campaign and promise to do better. Look for other platforms that are worth trying. Perhaps, you can try to use rollerbanners this time and go back to traditional campaigning if your online strategy failed. You might also want to target a different audience to ensure that you widen your reach.

Motivate your employees

You feel frustrated now because of what happened. Your employees probably feel the same way. You need to tell them what happened. Do not try to make things look good for them. Let them know what went wrong based on your assessment. However, instead of focusing on what happened, you can tell them that it is time to pick the pieces up and plan your next campaign. Tell them that you also feel terrible about what happened and avoid pointing the finger of blame at anyone else. Despite how you think, you want to tell everyone that it is time to find a way to start again and make it up to those who got offended because of the previous campaign.

At this point, your employees are looking to you for help and guidance. You are undergoing a tough phase, but there is a way out. You can assess the situation together and find a way to come out ahead of your competitors.