When you hear the word “diamond” you will probably think of something sparkly and expensive. It is unlikely that the first thing that comes to mind is a 16 gauge nail, but that is precisely what it can be associated with. Essentially, diamond head nails are made of 1060 hardened steel and they are a standard nail that has the shape of a diamond engraved in it. This means they are not made of diamond, and hence don’t cost as much as diamonds either. Rather, they are an economical and highly efficient way of completing a wealth of construction projects.

Benefits and Features of These Types of Nails

  • Compared to a screw, it will take you half the time to install a diamond head nails.
  • They are made from 1060 hardened steel, which means that can be used to attach wood to cement, wood to steel, and even steel to steal.
  • You can use these nails in commercial construction, rather than being limited to residential construction only.
  • The nails are fully traceable since they have a recognized design. This can be useful in construction inspections.

Steel Constructions and Diamond Head Nails

When light gauge steel was developed, there was also a need for new fasteners. Thanks to diamond head nails, OSB boards, gypsum boards, plywood, metal, and various other sidings can be attached to this steel in a very short period of time, and at much less expense as well. You simply could not do this with a regular nail.

Furthermore, light gauge steel has quickly been recognized as a superior construction method and is now used in almost every newly constructed home and high rise building. Wood framing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. This has further increased the need for diamond head nails because:

  • They help create truer, straighter walls.
  • They are stronger.
  • They resist termites.
  • They are non-combustible.
  • They won’t rot.

Builder Benefits of Diamond Head Nails

There are a number of key benefits that these nails offer to builders as well, including:

  • Fantastic precision.
  • A huge range of applications, as they can be used on any materials.
  • The fact that their price is very stable, particularly when compared to wood and iron.
  • They produce a lot less waste.
  • They offer dimensional stability.
  • They can’t be damaged by mold or insects.
  • They offer greater protection against natural disasters.
  • They ensure builders don’t have to engage in as much warranty work.

Benefits to the Building Owner

Meanwhile, building owners also benefit from these nails because:

  • They are environmentally superior.
  • They are very durable.
  • They offer fire protection.
  • They help to reduce insurance premiums.

The only thing as strong as durable as a diamond head nail is a screw. However, screws are labor-intensive, leading to rising costs. Using nails can cut down installation time by as much as 50%. All you need is a nail gun and builders will be able to put the nails in place almost instantly. This can save as much as $9,000 on a standard building construction, just for a reduction in the cost of labor!

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