If you spend a lot of time at the office, you’re probably already used to how it looks. Even if the walls are a dark shade of gray, the ceiling has seen better days, and the room is lit by artificial lights; you may be used to it, but you might not like it.

If you want to feel more comfortable in your office, you should think about giving it a modern touch. For example, adding roller shades and plants can make a lot of difference, but there are some other tricks that could help too:

Move Every Desk Closer To The Windows

Office lights can often be too harsh, so make use of any natural light that comes in through the windows. Move every desk closer to the windows if you can, but if you can’t, invest in some lamps that give off more natural-looking lights.

We humans need light to help us feel better, wake us up, and make us feel more content. If you’re sat in a badly lit office all day, it won’t do much for your motivation, or how you feel about your job. Add more light, feel better, achieve more.

Place A Sofa Or Two In The Corner Of The Office

If you or a colleague have a huge file to read, where would you rather do it? Sat at your desk, or on a comfortable sofa? Adding a sofa or two to the corner of the office, or in intermittent places means you and your colleagues will be happier at work.

If someone is happier in the work place, they’re likely to work a little better. Give yourself and your colleagues a chance to relax, and feel more comfortable as they read through the big file that was put on their desk.

Hide The Photocopier And Printer Out Of Site

Photocopiers and printers are not pretty, and they serve as great reminders to people that they are at work. If you’re able to, hide these machines out of sight, or at least store them in one corner of the office.

If you cannot move these essential machines to another part of the office, store them at the side of each desk, so you and your colleagues don’t have to look at them all day long.

Brighten The Place Up

Add some bright colors here and there, and brighten the place up. Add greens, and deep purples, light reds, and yellows. A bit of color will help to brighten up any office, and immediately make it look and feel like a much better place to be.

If you cannot afford to paint all of the walls, paint just one. Paint the doors, and the internal side of the window frame so it stands out, and adds color where it’s needed.

Giving your office that modern touch will make it a nicer place to be. If you’re more comfortable with the way your office looks, you’ll feel happier about spending 40 hours a week there.

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