We are blessed to enjoy many of the things we have in our daily lives. If you are browsing this article in a weather tight house with plenty of food in the fridge, count yourself lucky.

The reason for this is that plenty of other people can only dream of having the things that many people complain about, such as the latest iPhone.

Lloyd Claycomb is not ungrateful of the success he has achieved. As a result, he makes time to give back, as not all have had it as good as he has.

Accordingly, he donates to many charities to help spread around the wealth his company United Builders Service has earned over the decades

Want to start supporting the top charities in Colorado this year? Check out the ones we have listed below, and give generously from your bank account and time.

1) Mile High United Way

Capitalist economies are said to be more efficient than any system we have come up with in history, but even they leave people behind.

Colorado is no different, as there are more homeless and precarious individuals and families than we would ever want to admit.

Instead of letting them rot in the streets, there are things we can do to alleviate poverty and start helping solve the various issues it creates.

The Mile High United Way is on top of this problem in metro Denver, as they help to lift up families and individuals languishing in poverty.

From teaching children skills they may have missed due to missing school or being too hungry to concentrate to providing job counseling for adults, there are many things they do to help address this issue.

2) Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver

This charity helps provide a home for families who have kids that are admitted to a nearby children’s hospital with a serious injury or illness.

In doing so, they enable these units to stay close together during a rough time without adding financial stress to the mix.

You can donate money, but you can help check in these special guests, clean up after them, or prepare meals so they can stay healthy and save money while attending to their stricken child.


3) Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

At-risk children are a bad decision away from changing their lives for the worse. When they can’t go home after school, this becomes a very real possibility.

Donating or volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club helps to solve this serious problem, as it allows the funding of centers that helps keeps these young people off the streets and in a fun environment under the supervision of responsible adults.

However you decide to help, your actions can help shore up the next generation of adults, making our communities a better place in the long run.

4) Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

Habitat for Humanity aims to eliminate the scourge of homelessness, one safe house at a time.

When you donate, your money buys land, building materials, and the subsidies that makes the mortgage an affordable one for the family that is set to move in,

If homelessness bothers you, this is your chance to help banish it.