Charity or charitable gestures are nothing new and they have existed for millennia, most predominantly from religious groups. Indeed one of the greatest sides to the human psyche is the desire to help others who are less fortunate and whilst not everyone displays this noble characteristic, the majority of us do. Over the past 50 years, the world has woken up to many of its problems from climate change to hunger, animal cruelty to homelessness and there are currently thousands of charities throughout the world who are looking to end some of this terrible situations. Myself and my friend Sam Zherka invest a great deal of time in helping out those less fortunate and if you want to give something back then here is how you can do it.


If you can not give up any of your time or energy to the pursuit of helping the world then you can still do your part with a monthly donation. The many charities and organizations out there are nonprofit and rely heavily on people opening up their hearts and their wallets to their cause. The donation that you give doe snot need to be a huge amount, anything can help and you can select form any number of charitable causes which are close to your heart to dedicate your monthly donation to.


Offering your time is a great way for you to give something back and there are many options for how you can do this. If you do not feel that you have a great deal of time which you can dedicate each week then there is nothing wrong with that, a few hours each Wednesday helping in a charity shop or local hospital will be incredibly helpful, naturally if you have more time then even better. You could also look at volunteering around the world and giving up a large portion of your time to stand on the front line of some of the world’s gravest problems. It is up to you how much time you have but whether you have months or hours, you can still make a big difference.


As we mentioned before, charities do not directly make much money, they may sell wristbands or t-shirts, or have shops which make them money but the majority of their income comes from the kindness of others by way of donations. If you want to help out then you could work as a fundraiser for a particular charity and help people to see the difference which they can make with just a small monthly donation. This is a great use of your time and the money which you can raise for charity will play a key role in helping out the world.

Whether you have a great deal of time and money on your hands or not, there is always something which you can do to help put those less fortunate than yourself, be it on a  community or global level and you should always seek to try and give a little something back to the world.

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