If your business is based on a complicated product or service, marketing can be tough. You may not have to worry about it when it comes to a small segment that inherently understands what you’re offering, but if you want or need to expand beyond that, it’s difficult, to say the least.

That’s particularly true in today’s digitally driven world, where you have just seconds to make an impression on an audience.

So is it possible to effectively market something that’s not instantly well understood? The answer is yes, but you have to do it strategically. The following are tips to help you achieve that.

Focus on the Visual

One of the best things you can do if you want to convey effective messages about a complicated product or service is to go visual whenever possible. This is going to resonate with your audience in a much more effective way than anything else.

One option that works well for getting across features and benefits of even complicated products is Plugon, which is an interactive image augmentation platform that allows you to create interactive visual content you can showcase in a simple, streamlined and direct way.

Emphasize Benefits

Speaking of features and benefits, of the two, try to emphasize benefits even above features. Features tend to become difficult to understand pretty quickly, whereas with features you can create parallels between your product or service and the life of the person who will potentially be making a purchase.

Put the benefits in terms that your audience is most likely to understand and connect with.

Keep the Wording Simple

When you’re creating marketing materials, avoid industry jargon and technical terms. Keep the wording as simple as possible, and aim for a reading level of around middle school for the best effect.

You don’t have to dumb things down, but you want the words you use in your marketing content to get the message across to the most amount of people possible.

Then, if you want to offer background on the science or technicalities behind the product or service, you can provide more in-depth, secondary marketing materials. Just don’t make the in-depth stuff the first or only things your audience sees.

Create an Explainer Video

If you have something that’s tough to understand, an explainer video should be one of the first things you consider when you’re creating marketing content.

Keep it short and to the point, and try to make it entertaining. You want it to be highly sharable and provide just the essentials your audience needs to know.

In addition to an initial introductory explainer video, you can also continue making explainer videos that build on other concepts relevant to your product or service.

You can approach these videos in different ways, so there’s something for everyone who wants to learn more about what you’re offering.

Finally, a few other tips for successful explainer videos include again focusing on the benefits instead of the features and keeping it at a length of just a few minutes. You might even want to have an outsider read over your script. They can give you valuable insight as to how people who aren’t familiar with your industry will view it.

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