Millions of people worldwide play some sort of musical instrument or more than just one.  It´s a popular hobby but at times can get frustrating as it can prove to be difficult to progress.  All the musicians that we see performing on TV either now or in the past have put a great amount of effort to not only be able to play their instruments but also to be able to create unique music.  Take a look at some of the following ways that you can progress in learning your instrument of choice:


Although many people do not know or believe in this method, tons of musicians will swear by the fact that taking lessons can progress you beyond the music wall and improve.  Take guitar lessons, sometimes, learning from a great teacher such as Tom Hess Guitar, you will be able to learn certain scales which not only open your knowledge and creativeness but also give you great new techniques to practice that alone you would never have discovered.  Don´t be afraid to go ahead and take some lessons because it could be just what you need in order to improve to the best of your ability.


Asking any accomplished musicians how to improve you will most likely get an answer which contains the word practice.  Practice is imperative to being able to improve on a musical instrument along with maintaining the level that you are at. It is even rumoured that Hendrix was barely ever seen without his guitar and that he used to take the tones when people were speaking and play them on the guitar, so practise was something which obviously made him a great guitarist.

Playing with friends

Playing with friends is an excellent way to be able to improve your playing ability.  Not only is it great fun to be jamming with friends but it is also excellent for finding new sounds, learning techniques and getting excellent timing.  If you are forever playing by yourself you can often fall behind when it comes to timing and timing is everything when it comes to music

Go to see some bands

Getting yourself down to see some local bands will not necessarily improve how you play your instruments however it is extremely likely that it can give you great ideas for music.  All musicians at some point have gathered inspiration from other musicians, it’s important to understand that gathering inspiration is not in any way coping.  So, get on down to a bar with live performances and gather some inspiration whilst having a great time.

Never give up

Giving up is something which is all too common in people trying to learn something particularly hard on an instrument.  Some things are extremely hard and can sometimes take years of practice to finally master, it’s important to remember this, to keep practicing and never give up

Those are just some little tips in order to help and guide you when trying to improve your capabilities on your instrument.  Always remember that the musical idols that you have today put a lot of effort to get to where they are, and so must you!

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