Everywhere online there are top playlists of songs for making love, doing the wild thing or just music to get your in the mood. These are great, but for once let us assume that you probably have your own sense of what makes a good sexy song. Instead the reader will be asked to consider a few choice genres of music and how their individual styles adapt well for the art of wooing a would be lover. With this in mind, readers are challenged to contemplate why certain musical styles are perfect for setting the right mood.


For many reasons reggae music is great for sexy mood setting, but the number one reason is the bass beats. Reggae has a consistent meter that makes for wonderful unobtrusive background music. It has lots of harmony vocals, clear drum lines and a click-clocking beat that runs deep. Also reggae music is primarily about positive subjects and contains little vulgarities or other mood killers.

Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff are popular choices, but you might want to try some Black Uhuru or anything of the dancehall variety, if you are daring.


Classical music isn’t always the best mood setter, but the smooth guitars of flamenco beckon the heart to wander. Flamenco is a Spanish style of classical music that makes slow pulsating rhythms, as commonly as it does wild tangos. There is nothing like a torrid flamenco piece to get the blood pumping and stir the heart to pounding. Many artists have recorded or are known for their romantic style flamenco music.

Popular artists like Charro or Julio Iglesias are always top choices, but other suggestions would be the guitar artistry of Liona Boys or Andres Segovia. The latter are purely instrumental, something this author believes is a good thing for mood setting tones.


Many music fans would argue that nothing beats the blues for love making sounds. Much blues music is very straight forward, keeping time with the singer and following a primary structure that is easy to listen to. For romantic moods, you might want to choose selections that incorporate more slow dance feelings, rather that skiffle or swing influenced blues material. There are so many great blues artists, it could be hard to make a final choice, so making mix CDs might be the best advice.

If you have never heard Muddy Waters or B.B. King, they might be good places to start. Although you couldn’t go wrong with Marvin Gaye or Smokey Robinson either.


Finally, if there is a winner for making love to musically, it would have to be jazz. With the warm horn sections, shiny guitars, rolling bass lines and sweet saxophones, jazz is the epitome of great mood music. Jazz horn lines tend to harmonize with the vocal lines, therefore most styles are just tonally perfect for playing low, so as to cause no distractions. Jazz music is about being sexy and loving life, unlike many other styles. It is a musical style that derives a feel that sees music as a way to convey abstractions of the real world. Music is colorful, sensual and erotic, just like the term jazz itself. The term jazz traditionally means to have spirit, energy, or vigor, but also comes from the term spunk, or a jasm, or jism. Yes, you heard that right, so jazz sees itself as the by product of being sexually stimulated and making love. Don’t be grossed out, it is just a historical fact of the slang.

Many artists fit the bill here, like Ray Charles, Winton Marsalis or Herb Alpert. For the more outgoing and dangerously hipster folk out there, you might want to go for some John Coltrane or Miles Davis. If it is jazz, it is sure to be cool.


In the final verdict, all these styles could be the perfect mood setter, but here is some advice. Just play some simple easy to listen to music, something you enjoy and don’t need to think about. It really doesn’t matter what is playing, when you are with someone you really like, or maybe even love. In fact, with the right person you won’t need any music at all, because you will be making your own.

Jessica Kane is a writer for SoundStage Direct, the number one online source for the best vinyl records and turntables.

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