Learning to play the guitar was something which I had wanted to do for a very long time, but never really seemed to get around to it. I had an old guitar which was once my granddads and I left it sitting in the closet for many years, occasionally I would pick it up and pluck a few strings before deciding on again placing it in the closet and forgetting about it for a while longer. I never had dreams of becoming the next Hendrix or Clapton but I loved the idea of being able to play a tune so last year, with the help of my friend V. Reddy Kancharla, I dusted the guitar down and learned to play properly. If you would like to play the guitar then I wanted to share some tips on how to get it done.


This may sound very obvious but I cannot stress just how important regular practice really is and you should be doing so daily. Even if you only have a spare fifteen minutes each day, pick up the guitar and play through some scales or licks to keep your fingers supple. I saw Slash give an interview a while back where he talked about his fears that if he doesn’t practice every day that he will lose his ability, so if it is good enough for Slash then it is good enough for us, practice practice practice.


When I first started trying to learn how to read music and how to navigate my way through a song it became incredibly difficult and it was usually at that point that I gave up, that was until I found tablature. Guitar tablature is basically a picture of the six guitar strings with numbers on each one indicating on which fret you need to place your fingers. Reading tablature is an easy skill to learn and once you have you can unlock the ability to play a huge amount of songs. There are thousands of guitar tabs online so that you can learn your favorite song and I would recommend that you learn to read it as soon as possible.


We live in an age where you can use the internet to do just about anything online and playing the guitar is no different. Whatever style of guitar it is that you are looking to play you can find a wide range of tutorials on websites such as YouTube and DailyMotion which have been uploaded by professionals and expert guitarists. The beauty of using these tortillas rather than hiring a teacher is that you will not only save money but you can also put the videos on whenever you have a spare moment. These tutorials were most definitely the thing that helped me most when I was learning how to play.

If you have a guitar that is sitting in the closet waiting to be played, go and grab it, switch your laptop on and start learning to play this magical instrument.