When it comes to choosing which career path you will walk down, it is always recommended that you not only select something which you love, but also something which you are naturally gifted at doing. In this vein, we are going to take a look at some of the careers which those with a creative mind should consider.

The creators of this world are far too often discouraged from following their dreams and instead told that they should be doing something which requires more hard work than fancy, the truth is however that the people who are best at using their hands for example, would ave nothing to create were it not for the creators of this world. Let’s take a look at some awesome creative careers.


Engineers are the ultimate creators, they design and strategies everything man made that you see around you, they not only shape the physical world but the virtual and the scientific too. If you are a problem solver, someone who constantly seeks to re-shape and re-design things that you see around you and have a passion for giving something to the world we live in then a career in engineering could be the perfect choice for you.


It is now easier than ever before for those with a skill with pen and paper, or a keyboard in today’s world, to make a successful career from writing. In the past you would have had to rely on publishing a best seller or being fortunate enough to work in journalism but in the digital age, freelance writing is a huge market and one that you can comfortably make a career from.


Photography is much more than a hobby and if you are particularly good at it then you can turn this into a career which could see you make some big bucks. Whether working on your own shooting weddings and events or working for an agency snapping marketing campaigns, the carer of a photographer is widely varied and one which is both personally and professionally rewarding.

Web Designer

The power of the internet is incredible and every business and enterprise on the planet are looking for ways to use it in order to grow they business. As a result of this, there is a great need for web designers and if you know your way around HTML coding and CSS, as well as having a creative eye, then you could forge a successful career from designing websites for others.

Furniture Design

If you are passionate about designing your own furniture then you no longer need to rely on flogging your wares on the high street, paying rent and staff or bills. These days you can use the internet and create shops on the likes of Amazon, eBay or Etsy where you can make a name for yourself, and sell your goods throughout the world.

If you have a creative mind then don’t let it be harnessed, look for a career which will instead allow it to run free.