With summer just around the corner, it is time to dust off your skimpy clothing and get ready to let it all hang out as the sun rears its head once again. Unfortunately for many, this can be a dangerous time of year from a fashion point of view and without the benefit of hiding yourself behind a winter coat, the summer could very well shed a spotlight on some of the worst fashion crimes which can be committed.

Whilst men’s fashion has grown in recent years, it still hasn’t filtered through to all of mankind and there are still some terrible fashion crimes which are made during the summer months. Here are some of the worst culprits and ones which you need to avoid if you aren’t quite the fashionista.

Socks and Sandals

Despite the years of warnings, there are still a worrying number of men who like to combine the infamously terrible socks and sandals. It may be comfortable, it may give you the benefit of warm and cool at the same time but fellas, it looks awful and there is no combination of colors or styles which could make it look good, Brad Pitt couldn’t even pull this off which means that you shouldn’t attempt it either, just pick one.

Tank Tops

It isn’t the 70s and unless you live in a trailer park then it isn’t fashionable either, the tank top in fact, is an absolute bomb of a fashion choice and one which you should avoid. If you have large biceps or a busting chest then look for t-shirts with very small sleeves, these have a really good look about them, a tank top however does not and it should be avoided at all costs.


Unless you have a body like Michael Phelps then speedos should be used in the tanning beds only and certainly never be seen on the beach front. They are not flattering in the slightest and they can make even the most handsome of men look as they have dental floss stuck where the sun doesn’t shine. Board shorts are really in this year and if you are a speedos lover, then it is time to end the affair.


This is somewhat less of a fashion crime and more one against humanity, the number of people who decide that walking around topless is a good idea, is worrying. At the beach or near the beach front, I get it, around the pool, by all means, but wandering the streets or entering shops with a sweaty, hairy bare chest is enough to put most people off their food. When the sun comes out, your body is not the fashion accessory that you think it is, nor are those tattoos so it is time to get creative in terms of what you are wearing, as opposed to what you are not wearing.

Watch out this year guys, there are crimes which you could be committing that you were completely unaware of, know the law and adhere to it!