Ladies, here we are again, my favorite time of the year, summer, this is the time when the pretty colors come out, the skimpy clothing gets thrown on and when we can put on those beautiful, flouncy dresses that we all love. The only downside of the summer is that for those without a fashionable eye, this can be a time where they are exposed for the fashion criminals which they are.

Thankfully, we have put together a quick list of some of the most common fashion mistakes so that you can avoid getting pulled over by the fashion police this summer.

Dressing for Size

This is a delicate piece of advice which is intended to help, not attack…If you are of a larger persuasion, summer can be difficult as you naturally want to wear less, but perhaps may not want to show off all of your body. Thankfully there are many ways in which you can do this such as wearing thin fabrics, floaty dresses and carefully designed tops which will keep you feeling cool and looking it too. Unfortunately if you think that you can get away with Daisy Duke shorts and ripped vest top, then you could very well find yourself in fashion prison.

Going Overboard

Ladies remember, if you are dressing to a theme, then less is more. An example of this is that last year and this year, the sailor girl theme was and is very much in, unfortunately, I lost count of how many girls who I saw completely missing the mark and instead of offering marine chic, they looked more like something form Captain Pugwash. Keep it simple girls and remember that less is more.

Swimsuit or Bikini

Ladies, let’s not delude ourselves, some bodies are perfect for bikinis, others require a swimsuit, you know which type of body you have and if you want to avoid fashionable embarrassment, then dress to your body type when you hit the beach.


A visible panty -line should be avoided at all times but it rears its ugly head far more often in the summer when we wear slinky or figure-hugging dresses. Not everyone is aware that they are showing off their ‘goods’ but the best way to avoid it is to go with a thing or a G-string, or even ask a friend to check your butt out, and make sure that you are avoiding this most heinous of crimes.


Summer sees us strip down almost to the bare bones when we are out and about and if you want to ensure that you look good then you need to ensure that you are upping the appointments with your beautician for a wax. Hair grows quicker when the sun shines and the last thing that you want is some stubble on show when you are trying to keep cool.

There you have it girls, so go out and enjoy the sunshine just watch out for these crimes!