Attention men! Ae you staring at your current spring and summer wardrobe and asking yourself when the last time you updated your clothes was? While it’s not necessary for a complete overhaul each year, it’s nice to replace key pieces on a regular basis, as well as pick up items that are trending and stylish for that particular season. So, what’s in style for this upcoming spring and summer 2018 season for men? There are a number of items that seem to be trending at the moment, so here’s a look at the top ones that you can pick up on.

It’s All About the Vertical Stripes

When it comes to big trends, stripes are definitely near the top of the list. Look for anything that has vertical stripes such as shirts, blazers, and trousers. Experts recommend pairing the stripes with something basic and simple to create that casual and effortless look. What this means is keeping the stripes to one item at a time only.

Unfussy Jeans Are a Must

Denim is one of those items that pop up season after season, year after year. It’s just always going to be in style. What changes is the wash, the cut, and style of the denim. This year you want to look for something that is unfussy, a bit more relaxed fitting, and in a mid to light wash. If you had plans to dig out your skin tight jeans, it’s time to push those to the back of the closet instead. In order to really be on trend, you can also roll up the cuffs.

Add Color with Hawaiian Print Shirts

In order to bring in that pop of color that is so popular in spring and summer, you can sport a floral Hawaiian print shirt. These shirts come in all kinds of different prints, colors, and fits which means you’re bound to find some options that work well for you.

Tonal Color Matching Adds Modern Flair

If you’re aiming for a modern and sophisticated look, then the tonal color matching is the trend to follow. With this trend the goal is to pick one tone and then stick with it from head to toe. For example, let’s say you pick blue, well you want to dress in varying shades of blue from your shirt, to your pants, shoes, and even your jacket.

How to Stay on Trend

While you may not necessarily have the budget or desire to pick up all these pieces at once, you can certainly keep up on current trends and pick up pieces as the season progresses. Gearmoose is a great place to visit to stay on top of trends when it comes to accessories and carrying gear, which is just as important.

Inject Your Own Style in the Trends

Even if you do pick up on a number of these items, be sure to add your own personality and flair to your wardrobe so it’s still a reflection of you and your tastes.