Lightning strikes may sometimes be fatal if struck upon an individual. To avoid such natural calamities, one needs to stay safe under a proper shelter. While the death rates due to this natural calamity are low, there are chances of being struck by lightning in prone locations. Thus, the best way is to keep yourself and your family safe if any of you face such a situation. This post will highlight specific tips that ensure safety against lightning strikes. Also, this post will also instruct on what not to do in a case of a thunderstorm with lightning. That said, here are the tips to keep safe.

Move to indoors as soon as possible

It is certainly not a good idea to stand out in the open when a lightning thunderstorm occurs. Humans are efficient electricity conductors, which will only make you a potential target for the strike. Thus, move to an indoor shelter as quickly as you can.

Stay low on the ground

It is never advisable to move to a higher location during such a storm activity. On the contrary, it is recommended that you stay low on the ground. Therefore, if there is no shelter nearby to hide, you should aim for the area that is the most economical to the field.

Stay in a car

It may not be the best move possible, but it is still better than staying outside in the open. People believe that the rubber tires on cars act as insulators and help in staying safe from the lightning strikes. However, the real fact is that when lightning strikes a vehicle, it disperses the current to the ground. This method may not be 100% safe for the person sitting inside, but it still lowers the chances of a lightning strike than the outside.

Stay away from water bodies

One should not choose to stay anywhere near a water body, such as a beach, lake, pool, or river. It is because water is a good conductor as well, and a strike anywhere around the water body will make the current travel through it. Thus, if a person is near the water, it may cause an accident.

Avoid staying in tents

One may feel like a tent is a good option for an indoor shelter, but it is strictly not advisable. Tents are not safe as they do not offer actual shelter. A thin cloth cannot protect you from evading a lightning strike when inside it. You can learn more about camping gear at Ar15Scopecenter.Com.

Keep a check on the weather conditions before leaving

Last, but not the least, the best protection can come only when you manage to engage with such terrible weather in the first place. Thus, keep track of the weather conditions before traveling out. Hence, you can prepare in advance.

Even though you have learned these tips to stay safe, there can still be chances of facing such calamities. Just make sure that you prevent encountering the situation directly as much as possible.