A healthy lifestyle reaps great benefits for every member of your family. It cuts down on the colds and flus and on the odds of their developing debilitating illnesses like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many heart related issues. Other benefits include: improvement of joint and muscle health, increased mental sharpness and it is proven to add years onto their lives. There are a variety of ways for you to ensure that your family is living a healthy lifestyle, but the best way is through diet and exercise. Here are some pointers.


Buy Free Range Meat

Westerners have a meat heavy diet and we need to do all we can to ensure that the meat is top quality and provides the healthy nutrients our family needs.

Meat that is free range comes from animals that spend their lives with all the room they need to forage and exercise. These animals live on a farm where they are ethically cared for and able to wander in pastures or corrals. Free range dairy cows are fed grass for their entire lives, chickens, pheasants, ducks and turkeys are fed grass and grain supplements, and pigs are fed a natural diet. None of the animals are given antibiotics or animal hormones to increase their size, or kept in tight pens that can accommodate more animals, but breed diseases. Free range meat has the highest safety and ethical standards, ensuring that when you make a purchase, you get the best quality, best tasting, and healthiest meat for your family.


Why is Free Range Healthier?  

Because of the way the animals are raised and treated, free range meat is simply healthier. In fact, free range beef is up to 3 times healthier than grass-fed beef. It provides more Vitamin A, omega-3s and up to 4 times more vitamin E. All of these vitamins are essential to the body and guard your family against a number of illnesses. Free range beef also contains fewer calories and has good amounts of CLA, a newly recognized good fat. Free Range bird meats and pork have similar healthier attributes as beef, so they make a better choice for your family.

In terms of diseases typical to meat animals, like Mad Cow Disease and E.coli, you are far less likely to encounter them with free range, grass fed meat. And these animals do not consume the low quality grain and other things like chicken manure, chicken feathers, newsprint, cardboard and garbage that gets into the grain fed to typically raised animals. Finally, free range animals are provided by local farmers who understand how and when to bring the animals to market at the height of their freshness, meaning they taste better, are fresher, and retain the most nutrients longer.  When you look at the facts, free range is the best choice for your family.

Exercise More

Out of all the things you can do for your family, nothing counts more toward improving their health than getting them to exercise regularly.

Exercise has a host of proven health benefits that everyone knows, and are available to each member of the family. The key is to get them to exercise, it and do it consistently. With our busy schedules and each member of the family having his or her own great excuse to not exercise often, there are always great reasons to not do as much exercise as needed. But doing it is not an option, it is a requirement. The goal is to get the heart rate up and muscles working an hour each day.

The wonderful news is that there are so many ways to get exercise. You can get them to engage in group exercise like volleyball, or hiking or individual exercises weight lifting or others that they may prefer. For older folks, there are senior aerobics classes and swimming and the whole family might enjoy some form of yoga. Or you can all take brisk walks together. The bottom line is the benefits of regular exercise are too great to pass up, so get your family moving and you will improve their lives and make them healthier.

Healthy eating and exercise are at the core of good health. Use these suggestions to make sure that you family stays healthy.