A flexible body enjoys several health benefits. From a decreased likelihood of bodily injury to improving your body’s ability to relax, a regular flexibility routine enhances the state of mind and muscular flexibility. With so many demands on everyday life, however, it can be challenging to make it to a yoga studio — it is yet another thing to do. Fortunately, the folks at Glo created a platform to practice yoga online with flexibility in mind.

Amazing Benefits of Flexibility

These days, yoga is more accessible than ever, and for a good reason. Stress levels are higher than usual, and yoga is a complementary practice to add to your daily or weekly routine. Science has backed the age-old traditional approach to overall wellness with facts that support increasing one’s flexibility aids physical performance. Professional athletic trainers who incorporate yoga into their fitness structures saw fewer physical injuries in athletes and greater muscular strength.

Flexibility through stretching gives your muscles a better range of motion. The entire body is connected through our joints. You do not want to neglect full-body stretching consistently. Engaging in steady stretching, you will not only feel bendier, but your strength improves as well. If results drive your motivation, you can appreciate the immediate benefits flexibility has on your body. Each day, each practice your muscles relax a little more, and you can go a little further.

What Happens in Glo

The mission of Glo seeks to create intelligent tools that challenge people to live a fulfilling life. Regardless of your level of expertise in yoga, beginners to experienced yogis can find a style of practice for them. Glo has embraced one of a fascinating truth of yoga — that practicing yoga need not be expensive, difficult to access, or exclusive to experienced individuals. The platform is super user-friendly. You can choose the style of yoga you’re interested in, and even throw in some guided or audio meditations to open or conclude your flow.

Teachers and Courses

Practicing yoga online in your own time your own way allows you to make the practice personal to you. Glo has a whole roster of inspiring and committed teachers to learn from. Their world-renowned instructors come from all types of backgrounds and styles of practice, with a dedication to yoga that invites individuals from all walks of life to participate in yoga their way. Everyone is certified, with years of experience in teaching and influence in the yoga community.

They have found a way to merge the convenience of technology with their passion for encouraging everyone to reach their highest potential. Practicing yoga online opens you to a world of advantages you can enjoy wherever you are. With your membership, you can choose individual courses or commit to programs, which span over weeks and are classified by level. The classes are yours to keep, so you can start and stop when you need to, or go back for a refresher course. Many programs can be just as beneficial to current teachers as beginners to yoga. Yoga online empowers you to expand your knowledge of the practice; it’s a journey, not a destination.

Space to Find Your Flow

A stiff body is at risk for physical injury, not to mention the physical exhaustion that comes with it. Frequent yoga practice is not only doable, but it’s also what your body needs. In addition to increased body flexibility, yoga calms the mind and makes the outside world and our own inner chaos easier to manage. Making time for yourself is even closer, thanks to yoga online that honors your individuality and schedule.