Salt. Butter. Eggs. Milk. Baking powder. There are certain items every home needs to keep around. Those necessities for baking, making a quick snack or pouring a much-needed drink. It is officially time to add grenadine to your next shopping list because you need it at home.

Grenadine syrup is not only incredibly sweet and tasty, but useful for everything including your new favorite cocktail, childhood classic non-alcoholic drinks, and even baking. The alcohol-free tart and sweet syrup is generally made of corn syrup today but was originally composed of pomegranate juice. The bright red goodness adds not only a beautiful red tint to drinks and snacks but also a lovely flavor.


The obvious use for grenadine syrup, drinks are the gateway to discover the best uses for this deliciousness.

You can start simple with the classic Roy Rogers. Pour yourself some cola, add a splash of grenadine, and maybe a Maraschino cherry if you are feeling classy. If you prefer lemon-lime soda, you can mix grenadine with it to create a Shirley Temple, the culinary cousin of the Roy Rogers.

Ready to step it up a notch? Combine dessert and drinks with a Vampire Cocktail. The grenadine is mostly just a topper to the concoction, but it adds the perfect tartness and the “zombie” blood color on top, making this a fun treat for your next Halloween party or The Walking Dead binge. Simply blend one scoop of vanilla ice cream with 30mL of triple sec and 15mL of white creme de cacao, and pour on a drizzle of grenadine. You and your guests are sure to love it.

Sometimes even your early morning calls for a drink. At your next brunch, kick that mimosa to the curb and try a So Sunrise instead. Take one and a half parts vodka with five parts orange juice, and add a splash of grenadine with an orange wedge. It is a bit tart, a bit sweet, a bit sour, and entirely delicious with your quiche, French toast, or omelette.


Clearly grenadine makes a great addition to drinks of all kinds. But if you’re not in the mood for some booze or want the kids to enjoy the tastiness of grenadine syrup as well, it can make a great addition to your baking repertoire.

For starters, how many of your favorite recipes call for a whipped cream topping? Whether it’s a trefoil or angel food cake, you can make a cherry flavored grenadine whipped cream that will impress your friends and delight your taste buds – and it could not be any easier. Just whip up one cup of heavy whipping cream and add one and half tablespoons of grenadine plus three tablespoons of powdered sugar. Whip it up a bit longer until it reaches the color and consistency of your choosing. This beautiful and tasty combination can be added to almost any dessert and is sure to please.

Do you love chocolate cupcakes? If you do, you’re sure to love a chocolate and grenadine cupcake even more. All you have to do is add one half of a cup of grenadine syrup to your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, and you have a cherry-infused baked bite of absolute yum. You could always add some of that grenadine whipped cream for an extra flavor burst.

You might only make cranberry sauce once a year around Thanksgiving, but a splash of grenadine added to your cranberries, water, and sugar is a refreshing new take on the old-fashioned dish. Either boil the mixture or even let it sit in a slow cooker, and this refreshingly tart creation will top any turkey.

Beyond the Basics

Once you familiarize yourself with the uses and tastes of grenadine syrup, you can let your imagination go wild. There is a wide world of drinks you can create, but there is no need to stop in the bar. Consider mixing some grenadine with your next glaze for a pork tenderloin. Berry sauces add a unique taste to any steak sauce, so why not substitute grenadine instead? It can even be added to a salad dressing for an easy sweet addition.

Whatever you do with it, it’s clear you need grenadine syrup in your cupboard immediately.