My housemate Heather Weber and I made a decision around 3 months ago that we would finally get our bodies in shape. After many years of abusing my body somewhat with food and alcohol, it was time for a change and having my best friend on board with me really helped me to achieve my goals.

During the course of the last 3 months I have lost quite a bit of weight and even managed to drop a dress size! The biggest factor behind this, aside from dedication, was the way in which I prepped my meals and I wanted to write a piece on this to hopefully inspire you to do the same as I have.

List and Shop

Th meal prep begins for me on a weekend when I make a list of the meals which I will eat the following week, and then make a shopping list based on this plan, I usually use Saturday night to plan my meals as it is usually a quiet time around the house and it also gives me something to do instead of partying. I like to cook so each week I will give myself a few challenging and health meals to prepare. I keep my lunch and breakfast pretty simple and lay most of my focus on evening times. On Sunday I will head to the supermarket after breakfast ( never shop on an empty stomach ) and when I return, I start prepping.

Getting Ahead

Once I return from the supermarket I like to prep my food straight away, I will prepare my salad and my snacks for the week and prepare my lunches for Mon-Wed. Sundays are not exactly fun when prepping food like this but it makes sure that through the week I can save a great deal of time and I can also ensure that I have food on hand for whenever I need it.


Each night before I go to bed I make sure that I have sufficient snack fro during the day. My favourite snacks are things like carrot sticks, celery and nuts, all of which I place into little containers on an evening to ensure that I am fully stocked up for the next day. My biggest problem when it comes to eating fatty foods is that I snack though convenience and if I do not have my own snacks to eat, I will usually head to the store and buy something fatty.


On a Wednesday night I will prepare my lunches for the final 2 days of the week and then on Saturday I will start the whole process again. I would recommend that you follow my methods when it comes to meal prepping as it has really worked for me and the routine of doing it has helped me to stay focussed on a healthier and fitter me.

What are your top tips for dieting? Let us know in the comments section below this post.