You spend a lot of money to keep your home a sanctuary of peace, to look good, and to be your comfort zone. You come home from a hard day at work and want to kick your heels up. In fact, your home is a place of solitude for your entire family. The temperature keeps things comfortable, your decor invites your visitors, and the air quality keeps your home a safe environment. You do everything you can to keep your home comfortable, but how do you keep the house clean and free from unwanted pests and rodents?

How Pests Choose To Invade Your Home

Pests can be a nuisance and a health hazard. For example, uncleaned spills can create a breeding ground for pests. Smalls crumbs here and a spill there may not seem like much, but it invites ants and cockroaches to breed in your residence. Spills from your child’s sippy cup and crumbs from your dinner plate can be a full course meal for pests. Unfortunately, your visitors can migrate pests to your home too. They can carry bed bugs on their clothes, luggage, and then transfer them to your house. Your pets can also create bugs from being outdoors and laying in your bed or sitting on the sofa.

An expert in your area can offer you a free consultation to access your needs. Do an online search for Moxie Pest Control locations. They will be able to give you good information and answer the questions that you may have. Pest control services can safely remove bugs from your home before they start to become a problem. They’ll find out where pests are invading your home and offer an affordable solution. If you’re hosting an important home event, pest control services can safely expedite the removal of your unwanted pests.

3 Tips To Keep Your House Clean From Pests

  1. Keep Your Dishes Clean

Pests thrive on dirty dishes. You should always wash your dishes after eating to avoid bugs. In fact, never let dirty dishes sit overnight. Always dry your dishes and store them in a dish strainer, in the dishwasher, or in a cabinet. Furthermore, your utensils should always be thoroughly checked for debris, kept clean, dried, and stored.

  1. Store Food Properly

Your food should always be kept in tightly sealed containers. The best containers to store food in is plastic or glass. You should always store your food in containers that are sealed tightly including flour, sugar, and pet food too. Always keep the outside of your containers clean to also avoid unwanted pests from invading your home.

  1. Sweep And Mop Regularly

Regularly mopping and sweeping is important to your home. If you live a busy lifestyle, you can delegate these chores to the kids. They can vacuum between each other to rid your carpet of crumbs. In fact, the same is true for mopping the floors to clean up unsightly dirt and spills. Mop your floor regularly to clean up spills.

How Pests Enter Your Home

Pests can enter your home through a crack in the door. The smallest crack can be a breeding ground for pests. You should use weather strip to avoid cracks that pests use to enter your home. Plus, try re-chaulking areas around the door frame that pests use to enter your home. Cracks in the window also invite pests. Some pests like to burrow in your home on their own, nest in your attic, or find an entryway from missing shingles. An expert can access your home and find out the entryway that pests are using to get in and remedy the situation. You should look out for mice, rats, and raccoons in your attic or roof.

Did you know an unkempt lawn can create pests? You should keep your lawn and shrubbery cut along with rake up your leaves. Unfortunately, ticks and fleas love to invade your yard. Your birdbath water should be changed every two weeks to avoid standing water that attracts mosquitoes. Your lawn is a breeding ground for all types of pests and rodents. You should always hire a professional pest control expert to ensure your house is clean from unwanted bugs.