Having an amazing body doesn’t just look good, it feels good as well. Many long to appear this way, but know this – if you want to move beyond the wishing stage, you have to commit to putting in the hard yards.

If you want a rock hard body in the coming months, find out how to start the process in the points below.

1) Get a liposuction operation

This step isn’t needed, nor is it a replacement for the other steps in this article. However, if you have the cash laying around, liposuction can be used to speed along and/or enhance the process of getting a killer bod.

This isn’t a joke: as countless Sono Bello Reviews attest, removing fat and cellulite can make your mid-section and legs appear more streamlined than if you were to just stick with the standard steps of getting your body into shape.

If you move forward with this option, be aware that the post-op effects will have you looking less than ideal for a while, so don’t fret when you look in the mirror afterward.

In 3 months time and with healthy lifestyle habits, you’ll have a look that will turn heads at the beach.

2) Follow a healthy diet

A small amount of focus in one area can have huge results in another. This is true in many quarters of life, and when it comes to fitness, things are no different.

80% or more of weight loss results has been attributed to the type of diet a subject has eaten – while exercise can accentuate results, the biggest shifts in body composition are seen when someone moves off junk and starts eating whole foods.

Get rid of the simple sugars from your diet and replace it with veggies, lean meat, and healthy fat, and you’ll see a tremendous difference not just in weight, but in energy, mental acuity, and other areas as well.

Working out alone won’t do it – lifting heavy weight regularly will build muscle even if you eat badly, but all the fruits of your labor will be hidden beneath the fat you desperately want to lose.

Fix your diet, and any results you build through exercise will be seen easily as soon as they show up on your body.

3) Exercise regularly and intelligently

While a great diet can melt of the excess fat you have on your body, chiseling the body structures beneath will take a great deal of work.

Those looking for washboard abs and biceps so perfect they’ll want to kiss them unironically will need to hit the gym with an intelligent plan that will get them to the body goals they want to hit.

Start by getting your body into a good baseline shape. Go running every morning and work up your cardiovascular endurance, while simple floor exercises like push-ups and planks will get your muscles to a point where you will have the confidence to hit the gym with a fire under your butt.

When you get around to joining a gym, hire the services of a trainer, as these professionals are skilled at turning your goals into actionable plans that will get you to where you want to go faster than you ever thought possible.

Whatever their plan is for you, follow it exactly and you’ll get there before you know it.