The SCOAN – Synagogue Church of All Nations – is a super church in Lagos, Nigeria, founded by the Prophet TB Joshua. Both SCOAN and the Prophet come from humble beginnings but are now global influences, helping people all over the world to find salvation and deliverance. In fact, some would say that the SCOAN has played an important role in securing peace on the African continent.

Peace, Salvation and Healing with SCOAN

The Niger Delta is known to be one of tremendous social and political unrest. However, delegates and peace envoys from this region visited the SCOAN and received guidance on how to broker peace on the region. And it worked! People who have been touched by the hand of God in this region have all flocked to SCOAN to show their gratitude.

Similarly, many couples who were not blessed with children, suffering miscarriages and stillbirths, came to SCOAN for help. Interestingly, some of those came from the Niger Delta region. By then with their prayers in their hearts and love for each other, they were given Morning Water. Within a short period of time, the couple fell pregnant and the baby is due any moment now.

The ministry of SCOAN has helped many people in their personal lives. A young man from India, living on the streets, was able to find a managerial job in Abu Dhabi. A woman saw her son die in front of her, but he was brought back to life when Anointed Water was applied to him. These are just a few of the many personal stories associated with TB Joshua.

But what he really has done through his church, is to bring Nigeria into the international playing field. He has made it a country of peace, a country in which people follow the teachings of the Lord to the letter of the Bible. He has been able to prove that good things come out of Nigeria, not in the least the word of the Lord through the mouth and actions of the Prophet.

He does not, however, want to take credit for this. The Prophet received his calling at a young age, and he has always followed what the Lord instructed him. In so doing, he achieved great riches and the ability to influence people all over the world. But he believes this is not his reward to keep, but rather a further tool to spread his message of goodness. Indeed, he will soon move to Israel, where he has been given the opportunity to provide healing, salvation, and deliverance to pilgrims to the Holy Land. After visiting his new setting, they will be able to fully embrace their spirituality by being in close contact with the history of Christianity, being in the very place where everything started.

The Prophet TB Joshua doesn’t know where his calling will take him next. What he does know, however, is when the Lord tells him, he will go.