There are a lot of adult responsibilities we need to take care of on a regular basis, the most loathed of which is going to the dentist.

Even after claiming, insurance deductibles can cost us hundreds of dollars for dental procedures that are far from pleasant.

With the sterility of the average dentist’s office, the discomforting sound of drills, and the sense of uncertainty one gets on a visit here, it’s vital to have a dentist you can trust.

Dr. Kami Hoss is one such professional, as he has a stable client base that raves about the work he does.

From to root canals to run of the mill cleanings, he completes all procedures with a level of professionalism that is unmatched.

Searching for a new dentist? This article will go over tips you should keep in mind while you are seeking out a DDS that will fit your needs best.

1) Is their equipment up to date?

In every industry, new technology is changing the way we do things. Dentistry is not an outlier in this respect, as there are many new innovations that have revolutionized a dentist’s ability to serve their patients effectively.

Take time to find out about the latest advances in dental equipment, and then see if the dentists you interview have this gear.

They might not have everything, and that’s okay – there’s more to dentistry than that, but seeing an office outfitted with top of the line equipment is a good first sign.

2) Do they keep up with ongoing education?

As we just said, equipment isn’t everything when evaluating dentists – education matters a great deal too. Yes, all dentists have a DDS degree hanging on their wall, but if that’s all the learning they’ve done since graduation, that’s a big red flag.

The base of knowledge in any field never remains static, so it is vital for any professional, dentists included, to keep up on the latest research and findings in their field.

3) Do they care about your back story?

Some dentists genuinely do care about their patient’s oral health – but many others are only in the field for the money.

Knowing this, you need to be alert for signs that a dentist is only seeking out your business for financial reasons instead of partnering with you to improve your long-term dental health.

If they ask tons of questions to learn about your past and how you conduct yourself on a daily basis, that’s a good sign and you should continue seeking their business.

If they try to continually move you towards booking an appointment, chances are they are looking for more zeros on their balance sheet, and are less focused on delivering good service to their customers.

4) Is their office well-run?

All of the above mentioned factors matter, but often, how a place feels and looks can tell you a lot about the kind of service you can expect to get there in the long run.

If the place seems disorganized, the receptionist disinterested, and the magazines are many years old, you might be disappointed by the long-term service you receive.