People the world over want to look and feel younger, and they expect technological and scientific advances to help them with this. Jeunesse Global has responded to this, developing a top of the range nutrition and skincare product line. Additionally, they have started a business opportunity that enables people to earn from these products as well. Of course, there are hundreds of companies out there that promise exactly the same thing, but Jeunesse Global is different.

Who Is Jeunesse Global?

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2010, making it a relatively new company. While it is a network marketing company, their main goal is to create innovative systems, breakthrough skincare products, and fantastic nutritional supplements. It was created by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Just five years after starting the company, from its headquarters in Florida, the company expanded onto almost every continent, with is biggest non-domestic markets being in Europe and Asia. Today, it has some 400,000 distributors and it has also created 15 millionaires. That is an impressive achievement for a company that was founded long after network marketing became much less popular.

Jeunesse Global Products

At the heart of Jeunesse Global lies not its network marketing opportunity, however, but its high quality products. The entire line emphasizes creating a healthy balance between nutrition and personal care. Every item that they have created has been scientifically developed using breakthrough, innovative technology and formulas. They have also developed the Youth Enhancement System (YES), which helps to create a more youthful appearance by improving the health of the skin at a cellular level.

YES is a full range of products nowadays that includes:

  • A daily moisturizing complex.
  • A cellular rejuvenation serum.
  • Essential body renewal products.
  • A youth restoring cleaners.
  • An ultimate lifting masque.
  • An advance night repair product.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

There are many other things that make Jeunesse Global so different from other companies, and one of those is their commitment to giving back. This is why they have also launched Jeunesse Kids, which is a charitable branch of the company that enables distributors to become financially independent while at the same time making a difference to the lives of the less fortunate. The goal of the campaign is to eradicate global hunger. Profits are used to feed children in underprivileged communities, while at the same time setting up educational facilities and providing medical supplies to where it is most needed. So far, some $442,345 has been raised.

Can You Be Successful with Jeunesse?

There is always a risk with network marketing opportunities, and making big money means putting in a lot of hours and having quite a bit of luck on your side. However, the key difference about Jeunesse is that you will benefit personally from their products. You will look and feel more youthful, and every cell in your body will be healthier. Those are benefits that money can’t buy, and that is what lies at the heart of Jeunesse Global.