This year is finally over, and it’s time to send out your holiday cards. It may seem too late to get them out, but after the year we’ve all had, it’s not too late. Your friends and family will understand. Here are a few ideas for your slightly late 2020 holiday cards.

Make funny holiday cards this year. 2020 has been hard, and we all need a good laugh. Take pictures with your whole family making funny or overly sad faces. Instead of a formal family portrait, have everyone wear sweatpants or ugly t-shirts and lie on the couch. Pretend to look angry or sad, or have the whole family “fight” in your photos to add some humor to your cards. You can even add your family pets in the photo, with your kids pretending to argue over dog treats while you and your spouse drink from wine glasses. A funny photo poking fun at all the stress of this last year will be a big hit with everyone on your Christmas or holiday card list.

If you feel it’s too late to send out traditional holiday cards, you can send out New Year’s cards instead. It’s a great way to put 2020 behind you and move on to the new year. Grab a photo from a recent vacation or a nice family photo and let your friends and family know how excited you are for the new year. Whether you want to send out holiday cards, new year cards, or something else entirely, check out Basic Invite for all your stationery needs. I love their line of custom photo christmas card stationery, but you can customize your cards to say whatever you like. If you’d rather change a holiday card to a New Year’s card, go for it! It’s so easy to do.

You may feel some embarrassment over sending out late holiday cards, but you don’t need to. Everyone knows how stressful this year has been. The pandemic has changed everything, so if you need to make a few adjustments to your schedule and send your cards out later than usual, no one will mind. The fact that you care enough to send your loved ones an update on your family is enough.