Online dating is fast becoming the norm when it comes to finding love or even finding a partner for a bit of fun. This is because using the internet to contact new people is easier than going out and socializing with others; but is it also cheaper to use the online methods than the more traditional ones? This would make sense given the rise in popularity of online dating. Maybe people do it because it is not only easier, but also cheaper. So does it mean we can now date for little money, or is this just an illusion propagated by all those dating sites who want more members to join in?

Free to join?

The first thing to consider about online dating is that most sites will let you join in for free; all be it with limited access to the site. You will be able to create your profile and look at the other members, but there will often be a catch such as not having the ability to actually message people. So if we compare that to traditional dating and going out; it is a little bit like being able to walk into a nightclub for free just so that you can take a look and see if you like how it is populated. Think about the amount of times you paid your entry fee, only to walk in and be disappointed by the lack of potential partners. So we will give this point to online dating, as it puts you in a clear advantage when it comes to the whole ‘free entry’ situation.

The cost of a date

No matter which way you end up meeting a person, taking them out on a date will cost money; there is no escaping that fact. However the costs will vary depending on what your plans are. Let’s say you meet someone whilst being out or online; you will still meet in a bar, a café or restaurant; and this will still cost something. The cost of drinks, the cost of a meal and even a taxi ride back home… all those will accumulate. So disregarding which platform you use to meet someone; there are fixed costs that simply won’t change. As such, traditional vs online dating come eck-and-neck. No real difference there.

What kind of date?

Okay this is going down to specifics. Traditional dating will have two people meeting up for a date, then a second one if all goes well; then who knows? However there are other dating practices that are a little less serious. Yes we’re talking about adult dating’ the act of meeting with someone just for a quick bit of naughty fun. When you meet someone in a nightclub, you would often take a taxi back to theirs or yours for a late night drink and maybe more… This doesn’t cost much, now let’s compare it to arranging a naughty date online, because there are differences. When you meet someone online and you arrange an adult date; you will more often than not have to book a hotel room. This is to avoid scammers and generally it will put the two people involved into a fairer situation. A hotel room means you stand on equal grounds; no bad surprises when you get there. It’s funny that we don’t always use the same caution when we follow someone back home from a nightclub; but that’s alcohol for you… But when all said and done, the cost of going to a nightclub will somewhat balance with the cost of a hotel room. The bottom line is: sex dating cost more on the short term; people will pay more for the convenience.

To sum it all

The actual cost of online dating is negligible, even when you end up paying for a subscription. You can click here for fuck sites: sex with no strings and see for yourself, it is a little price to pay. The real costs lie beyond that, when you actually get down to the business of dating. Using dating sites is cheaper than going out every night, will get access to a lot of potential partners for a small cost; saving money on drinks, transport and other costs associated with going out.  However that doesn’t mean you have to cheap out on your date, so start saving some money and start you online search’ see how it all goes for you.