The dating game can make you feel a bit like a teenager, the thrill of meeting someone, the rush of falling in love and all the things that go with it.

This means that it comes as no surprise that the fresh new batch of divorcees that fall into the over 40 bracket, are diving head first into the modern world of dating.

But why? What makes dating so appealing to this particular age bracket?

There are so many more choices

If you are in your 40’s then chances are that dating has changed quite a lot since you first started. This is all thanks to technology, which has made huge changes to the world of dating.

Now, instead of simply being introduced to people by friends, meeting them at work, or in social situations. You can take your love life into your own hands. Dating agencies, dating websites and dating events are some of the choices that you can select from, and all of them have their own benefits and drawbacks.

The idea of swiping left or right is pretty exciting

If you are a single person then dating apps such as Tinder and naughtier sites like are really eye-opening. They are designed to make selecting a partner or a date all the easier, and they offer up plenty of choice. Best of all, they are simple to use. All it takes is a swipe of your finger and you may very well be matched up with some other singles looking for love.

The idea of this is really exciting, no matter your age, however, if you are new to this approach to dating, then it can be pretty thrilling.

They are a generation that are more comfortable in their own skin

They say that 40 is the new 30, and this definitely seems to be true. Gone are the days of being “too old” to do certain things. Now, women and men over 30 are still getting out there and loving life.

Not only this, but it seems that this particular generation are feeling much more comfortable in their own skin. They are taking better care of themselves, both inside and out. Which means that they feel much more comfortable in their own skin, and more confident to get out there and meet new people.

If you are 40+ and single, then there is absolutely no way you should resign yourself to a lifetime on the shelf. Dating now spans the ages, and you are just as likely to find the love of your life at 45 as you could have at 25.

In fact, who’s to say that you can’t still be searching for a soulmate at 50, 60 or even older, after all, there is no age limit on falling in love!