The passing of a loved one is always a difficult time. It’s hard to let go and move on, so we look for ways to always remember them. Within the past fifteen years, new and increasingly popular methods have been developed to pay tribute to our loved ones. One of these methods is by turning their cremation ashes into diamonds.

What are Cremation Diamonds?

Technology has become so advanced that it is now possible to turn human ashes into diamonds. In nature, diamonds are made from underground carbon placed under huge amounts of pressure and extremely high temperature for thousands of years. Today, specialized laboratories can create diamonds from human remains within as little as six to nine months.

The carbon extracted from human cremated ashes can be turned into brilliant diamond under artificial high pressure and high temperature environment.

Cremation diamonds can be kept independently or set into jewellery as an everlasting keepsake that can be passed on throughout a family’s generations as a sparkling reminder of life and love. They are an enduring and creative way to preserve your loved one’s memory.

How are Cremation Diamonds Made?

Everything in the world contains the element carbon, including the human body. Human body contains 18% carbon as well as 3% nitrogen and other elements. Carbon extracted from cremated ashes are the dominant components to create a cremation diamond.

The carbon is first purified by placing it in a vacuum environment under 2,000 degree Celsius until it is 99.99% pure. It is then placed under extreme amounts of pressure and high temperature (60,000Bar and 3,000K respectively) until it is turned into a rough diamond crystal that can be cut and polished to a desired shape and size. In the end, every diamond is measured by what is known as the “four C’s,” which are its cut, carat, color, and clarity.

A piece of cremation diamond  jewellery is becoming new trends to honour deceased beloved.  

Depending on the size of the diamond, the process of transforming human remains into a diamond can initially take from three to six months. The requested cut of the diamond and whether it is set into jewellery such as a ring, pendant, earrings, or charm can cause the process to take longer to produce the finished product.

What Will It Look Like When It’s Finished?

Each person’s chemical makeup contributes to the color, size, and shape of the finished cremation diamond . Because of the nitrogen found in human remains, the diamond is commonly yellow or amber; however, the diamond can be turned into other colors, or even colorless, through a synthetic process upon request.

If you don’t like yellow or amber, you can choose green, red, or blue. Colourless cremation diamonds require more sophisticated technology and the longest amount of time to create.

The chemical composition of the cremated remains determines the size and shape of each diamond. The diamond might be bigger or smaller than is originally ordered or expected. Your options about the finished size and cut is typically discussed with you at the time of your order.

Once ashes are turned into diamonds, they are sophisticatedly cut and polished just as a natural diamond would be.

Will It Look Like a Natural Diamond?

Carbon is found both in nature and in human cremation ashes, and carbon is the basis for every diamond. Because the carbon is the same no matter where it originates, the clarity and perfection of a cremation diamond is nearly indistinguishable from jewellery level natural diamond.

A cremation diamond  has similar clarity and sparkles as natural gem diamonds.

All labs can certify their cremation diamonds for authenticity from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), and other globally recognized entities just like a natural diamond on client’s behalf with additional cost.

How Much Do Cremation Diamonds Cost?

Like natural diamonds, cremation diamonds can be a little expensive. But if you are looking for an affordable burial alternative, turning your loved ones’ ashes into a diamond is a good option.

Different laboratories will have varying pricing structures, but you can reasonably expect to pay about $1,600 to $3,500 for a one-quarter carat cremation diamond, which is much cheaper than a traditional funeral that can average from $7,000-10,000.

If you prefer to turn ashes into a larger diamond, be aware it can cost up to $21,000 or more for a one carat, colourless cremation diamond with a more complex cut like princess or asscher.

The size of the cremation diamond as well as the choice of colour and type of cut all affect the price. The bigger the cremation diamond, the longer it takes the lab to grow it. Plus, the time and resources for changing its colour, and cutting it to a desired shape all raise the final cost.

Why are Cremation diamonds a Popular Trend?

Death can be very distressing. On top of the grieving process, the common practice of a burial in a cemetery or scattering ashes over a particular landscape can leave you feeling like you don’t have much to remember your loved one by. This empty feeling is the reason more and more people are turning to cremation diamonds as an alternative burial method.

Turning your loved ones’ ashes into a diamond is an everlasting and creative way to memorialize the love you shared without being pinned to a specific time or place. It serves as a beautiful way of keeping your loved one close to you no matter where you may be. It can also be passed down through the family as a treasured heirloom that holds more personal meaning than a natural diamond or any other object.

Making a diamond from ashes is also significantly cheaper than the typical cost of a traditional burial, takes a given period to produce, can be replicated quickly making it easier to obtain and eco-friendlier since it does not require manual labour and machinery to extract it from the earth like a natural diamond would be.

Finally, there is an additional cost, if you can ask the laboratory to laser engrave a personalized message on the girdle (edge) of the diamond to forever capture your true love.


Because of all these reasons, more people are choosing cremation diamonds as a unique, personal response to the loss of their loved one.

Where Can You Find a Cremation Diamond Laboratory?

Laboratories that manufacture cremation diamonds are becoming increasingly more common throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Ashes to diamond service is recently available in Berlin, Germany. In Germany, the process is more sophisticated, as government doesn’t allow to store the ashes at home. You can contact them directly about turning your loved ones’ ashes into a diamond. You also might be able to order it through a local funeral home or mortuary who often have staff members that work with the laboratories on your behalf as a part of one of their personalized services.

An Everlasting Gift

Turning your loved ones’ cremation ashes into diamonds is a truly special way to forever treasure their memory, which is why it is becoming so popular. No longer is your loved one confined to a particular place. Instead, now you can carry their love with you everywhere you go as a beautiful ring, necklace, or set of earrings. And, later, you can pass it on to your children or another loved one as a treasured heirloom.

Saying goodbye is never easy. With a cremation diamond, you don’t have to. Forever carrying their love with you is a fitting resolution for everyone.