Have you been lusting after that special piece of antique furniture you came across in a shop but it doesn’t provide delivery options? What about that sweet new sofa you can’t fit in your own van? Don’t know anyone who can help you move or provide you with a van to borrow to make it simpler and cheaper? Never fear – check out why more and more people are turning to sites like Shiply to make moving big items like furniture easier and hassle free.

Trusted Members

All of Shiply’s men with vans, drivers and other couriers are trusted members who have to provide certain credentials to become part of Shiply’s massive delivery driver set up. They have people for every possible job you could need from fragile goods transport to pet transport and more. By using Shiply, you get to explore the drivers in your area and read their individual reviews. Not only that, but Shiply’s rates are far lower than those of your typical local courier company, the postal service or moving companies. With so many reasons why this site beats out its competitors, it’s easy to see why it has been taking off in popularity amongst people just like you.

The Right Person For The Right Job

If you have a specific item that needs special care and attention you can find them on Shiply. Whether you’re transporting an expensive vase or you need to get that antique dresser to its new home, picking the right person for the job is integral. You need someone who is experienced in doing that kind of work and taking care of items of that type of style and delicacy and that’s why Shiply is the best port of call for you if you need this kind of service. With a number of people highly rated in the areas you’re looking for – such as delicate transport – it makes it easy to find the right person for the job.

Hand Chosen By You

When you choose to have something delivered on your behalf it can be a stressful situation, trying to find the right individual or company to provide the service you need. With so many companies out there to choose from, all promising the same thing the task alone can be overwhelming. Shiply makes it easy for you to pick the right person for the job by helping you sort through companies and individuals who have signed up to their site to provide various services in different regions from eBay deliveries and house moves all the way to parcels, packages, delicate items and house moves. You are in control when you choose the person or company to complete your job, and the website allows you to read ratings and reviews of individuals and companies that have done real jobs for real people.

So if you’re looking for a company or person to complete a delivery job for you, look no further. These reasons alone should help you in your search for the right delivery driver or company to complete the task you need to get the job done.