After taking your Jeep on all the off road adventures for the past years, there are some parts of your Jeep that you would like to replace for a newer and a better one. Your faithful Jeep have been with you going through the extreme off road conditions and harsh weather, and have brought you home safely after every trip. Now, as the end of the year draws to a close with the weather getting colder and wetter, it is time to install back the Jeep hardtop once again.

The Jeep soft top will have to be kept in the garage until the hot weather returns. The hardtop will keep you and the passengers warm and dry, and also for safety reasons too. To uninstall the soft top and installing the hard top may take a few hours and you will need to have a helper to help you hold the hardtop in place during the installation time.

If this is your first time switching to a hardtop, then you can look up some of the Jeep hardtops available on some Jeep parts and accessories websites. At the same time, if your existing headlight is not shining brightly or has been cracked, then it is time to check out the Jeep headlights.

If you are contemplating on a new bumper for your old faithful Jeep, you might consider a durable bumper made of steel or aluminium. These Jeep JK front bumper comes with options ranging from integrated winch mount and shackle tabs to tire carrier, winch, tow hooks and off road lighting. There are different types of bumpers for different uses. There are the rock crawler bumpers, tube bumpers, modular bumpers, and the brush guards or pre-runners bumpers. Whichever bumper you have chosen or a combination of several bumper types, it is an important parts of your Jeep for trailing and surviving the outdoor ride.

To raise up your Jeep’s body or suspension, you will need a lift kit. The Jeep TJ lift kit increases the distance between the frame and the body which a suspension lift increases the distance between the axles and the frame. Most people get suspension lifts for better look but getting a suspension lift for your Jeep improves the off road performance and also for accommodating larger tires. The lift provides greater ground clearance, articulation, and negotiation for large obstacles.

The most common and easiest form of lift is the body lift. It is usually about 1-3 inches and is one of the most cost effective way to lift the body of your Jeep to accommodate larger tires and better look. The body lift is done by placing rubber spacers between the Jeep body and the frame mounts. A body lift does not improve off-road performance but is only mainly for appearance.

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