Regardless of what your salary is or how much money you have coming in to the house, the idea of cutting down your monthly bills is one which many would find attractive. You may feel as though you never have any money and you have probably done your monthly income and expenditure list a hundred times, and the results are always the same. Thankfully we have got some great tips for you which can instantly save you money on your monthly bills and leave a little bit more cash for you to spend on yourself.

Start Calling Around

When it comes to suppliers of things like energy, broadband and gas, you may be paying way more than you should and a few simple phone calls can change all of that. The thing is that most of these companies will have special deals and promotions for both new and existing customers, often you just need to ask. Another idea is to call around other providers and see if you can get a special offer with them if you switch your services to theirs.

Public Transport

If you regularly use a car to commute to work then maybe it is time to start considering your public transport options. Generally speaking, using the bus or train is far cheaper than the cost of fuel and you could save yourself a great amount of money each month if you opt to use public transport each day instead of your car.


If you have any personal loans or a mortgage then you could reduce your monthly expenditure by renegotiating the terms of your agreements. Very often lenders are more than happy to renegotiate terms and all you will need to do is to ask the question.

Cut Down On Energy

There is so much that you can do around the home which will reduce your energy costs and not only help the planet, but help your pocket each month. Here are just some of the small changes which you can make in the home which will instantly save energy.

– Replace light bulbs with energy savers

– Turn off lights when not in use

– Keep doors closed to keep the heat in

– Ensure that you have cavity wall and loft insulation

– Install a thermostat to manage the heating in the home

– Unplug electrical devices which aren’t in use

– Take showers instead of baths

Cooking at Home

You’d be surprised at just how much money you can save each month if you start preparing your meals from home instead of eating out. If you take your lunch to work each day instead of buying at the local store, you could see yourself saving up to $100 every month from this simple change. Equally, if you are planning on going out to eat with friends then why not look at asking them to come over and cooking for them yourself which will also save you a lot of money on restaurant costs.

Follow these helpful tips and you could be saving hundreds of dollars in no time at all!

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