Is your old handset starting to die? If so, get in the market for a new smartphone in 2017, as there has never been such a wide assortment of models available.

Since the times when you bought your current phone, Androids have multiplied exponentially, giving consumers tons of choice. If anything, it’s a more difficult task now, as all of them seem like incredible devices.

Smartphone enthusiasts like Michael Thomas Eckhardt are eminently knowledgeable about new functionality and the apps they enable, but if you don’t have the privilege of knowing someone like him, it can be hard to know which phone to pick.

Wondering what phone to pick up this year? This buyer’s guide will help clear up any confusion you might be suffering from.


1) Huawei P10

Based in China, Huawei has become famous for reducing the cost of smartphones. With some of its models costing less than $200, anyone can now join the mobile revolution.

However, they have also taken on the challenge of building high-end handsets as well, as their latest phone shows. The P10 is a dazzling unit that has fans of better established companies contemplating a switch.

It has admirably attempted to match strides with Apple by outfitting the P10 with a display with HD resolution, and by equipping it with a QHD panel that is 5.5”.

With resolution on its camera crossing the 20 MP threshold, a coating which keeps smudges and scratches at bay, and a wide selection of fun colors, it is a great model to consider if you are looking for a high-performing phone that doesn’t cost a king’s ransom to buy outright.


2) Samsung Galaxy S8

If you are looking to go with a name brand that has a reputation for delivering the goods year after year, then Samsung is where you’ll want to look for a new phone.

A perpetual leader in the smartphone industry, they have long been known for coming out with innovative features that challenge companies like Apple to do better.

Keep an eye on the S8 in 2017, as it will come with the first generation of Bixby, Samsung’s personal assistant app.

Driven by AI, it is bound to come up with suggestions that will make Cortana and Siri look like they have fallen behind – but only time will tell on that front.

Additionally, its display will also be top notch, and the presence of a DeX docking station means professionals will be able to use this phone more like a PC than they have been able to do in the past.


3) LG G6

LG’s biggest release this year is slated to be the G6. Its most prominent feature its appearance, with its bezel being the skinniest one we’ve ever seen on a smartphone.

It maintains the same lovely interface which has drawn it favorable comparisons to the iPhone from many reviewers over the years.

One improvement of note over the last model lies in the former disparity in camera quality between its forward and rear sensors. While the forward camera was once panned for offering potato quality in an image-obsessed world, both cameras can now shoot 13 MP photography and video.

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