If you are the kind of traveler who would like to go to a no frills destination, one of the places you will probably consider going to is New Zealand. In fact, it is a bit shocking to note that while New Zealand offers thrilling activities, breathtaking destinations (Middle Earth is in New Zealand!), and awesome views, it is not packed with tourists. Maybe it is for the best because it means locals and tourists like you can enjoy New Zealand without the rowdy crowds.

But some travelers tend to forget that there are also ski sites in New Zealand. You do not have to settle to going on the same ski resorts every year in the Northern Hemisphere because now you can set your sights on a new destination.

Here we’ll give you a rundown of ski sites you can visit on your trip to New Zealand.


Coronet Peak

Let’s start with one of the most popular ski destinations on the South Island — the Coronet Peak. It is the perfect spot to go to for both beginner skiers up to the more advanced ones mainly because it offers a varied terrain. If you want to challenge yourself, you can try their longest run, the M1 that which is about 1.5 miles long. They also have high-speed chair lifts. The best part is the Coronet Peak does not lose snow until mid-October, so you can definitely plan a trip there starting June.

Coronet Peak also offers a snow sports school so beginners will be able to learn new skills and apply them immediately on their runs. There are also day care centers and activities for children so that they will also enjoy their time there and not just the adults.

Fun fact: You will be rewarded with an exclusive view of the setting for Gondor from the Lord of The Rings trilogy at Coronets Peak.


Craigieburn Valley

If you are not at least an intermediate or advanced in skiing, maybe try not to attempt a run at Craigieburn Valley. Its most popular attraction is the 600-metre vertical descent of Middle Basin. Some of its highlights also include steep narrow chutes and wide open powder bowls. This ski site, however, is not your typical resort; in fact, it is more like a club field. It is privately owned, but you will not find chair lifts, spas, and fine dining resorts here. Which for some skiers is just how they like it, a no frills resort will make them focus on the run more than the added amenities. It does have a lodge where skiers can be served hot food and drinks. You can also choose to stay here overnight at the Koroheke and Matuhi.


The Remarkables

Here’s another The Lord of The Rings site, the mountains of The Remarkables might be familiar to you because it was often used in the trilogy. Be that as it may, the ski resort is not as crowded and actually offers a very relaxing vibe. This ski resort is ideal for all levels of skiers, even children can try and attempt a run (children under 10 ski for free!). The resort also hosts other activities like eating contests and mini park battles.

So if you’re planning a ski trip, consider these top ski destinations in New Zealand. You and your travel buddies will surely have an awesome time doing the runs.