When you’re over 30 and you’re trying to avoid your jeans getting too tight around the waistline, staying active when on vacation is key. It helps you avoid pilling on the pounds through overindulgence with restaurant meals and desserts while away. It’s all too easy to go traveling and come back with five pounds more than you flew out with, and we’re not talking about the gifts for friends you’re bringing back with you!

Here are four fun activities for young thirtysomethings who wish to stay physically active while away.

Sightseeing on Foot

Instead of taking the hire car to drive around town and stop off at all the must-see places, try planning out walks to take in the area. There are plenty of cities that are ideal for walking while on a vacation. It’s often the best way to see more of the sights and get a little bit off the beaten path. Obviously, be sure to do your research ahead of time to determine which parts of the city are safe to walk as a couple or alone, and at what time you should be heading back to the hotel. If you’re concerned, leave your valuables in the hotel safe while you go wandering.

Play a Round of Golf

Avid golfers will want to bring their set of golf clubs and fit a round (or two) into any business trip. The same goes for vacations over long weekends and for a week or more. There are almost always golf courses near popular vacation spots, many of which will be welcoming to enthusiastic golfers. It’s always a good idea to check their website or call ahead first to verify that you don’t have to be a member to play a round while you’re in town. To find which are the best clubs in any given city, take a look at the atthetee.com website, which has details about locations, gear, and tips to improve your swing.


Choosing a more active vacation where you plan to go hiking is an excellent way to get back in shape or keep up your fitness level. Be sure that you have the right hiking clothing suitable for the time of year and the climate, so you’re not surprised when you get there. While a pair of hiking shoes might be passable, in most cases, hiking boots are needed for tougher hiking trails. Bring what you’ll need.


Going geocaching is a GPS-based scavenger hunt that’s fun for all the family or solo travelers who want to go exploring. Hunting down a location in a new city is enjoyable to do when the weather supports it. Not every cache will be exactly where you expect it to be – often a hidden cache is a few feet away from where it’s been pinpointed with GPS coordinates – so geocaching takes a bit of persistence to find what you’re looking for. Getting into the oddest spots and checking out several possible hiding places is more physically tiring than you probably expect.

Staying active when on vacation while incorporating some interesting activities takes you out of your comfort zone. You also get to indulge in the odd chocolate sundae or deliciously rich restaurant meal because you know you’ll be burning off those extra calories soon enough.