Just as there are many different types of motorcycles, so there are also many types of tires to fit the different types of motorcycles. Tires are important because without tires, you will not be able to ride your motorcycle. Tires ensure smooth riding. Tyres are made from rubber and different types of tires are made from different types of rubber.

Tires for sport bikes need great gripping tires made of softer rubber compounds. Tires for cruiser bikes will need a more durable and strong tires. Choosing tires depends on the motorcycle and how the motorcycle is ride. To find out more about the types of tires for the different types of motorcycles, you can look up the tires on bikebandit.com.

The function of the tires is to support the motorcycle and absorb the bump while riding on the road for the comfort of the rider and/or passenger. Tires also help protect component parts of the motorcycle. Tires are made to steer and roll efficiently to reduce resistance and the tires need to have the proper air pressure to move smoothly. The tires together with the right air pressure ensure good traction.

Dual sport motorcycle tires are made to handle on-road riding as well as light off-road riding. Dual sport tires look like deeply treaded street tires to ensure good riding on most dirt roads or trails. Dual sport tires are narrower than other tires. Tires that are not properly inflated will cause premature wear through friction and will also reduce good handling of the bike. For the right air pressure, you can refer to the owner’s manual. Ensure that the treads depths on the tires are not less than 1 to 2 mm deep. Make sure to replace tires with tread depth less than 1 to 2 mm deep to avoid puncture or burst tire.

To be prepared for riding, one should invest in the best Alpinestars jacket. The jacket must have abrasion resistant and tear resistant. There are leather and textile jackets to choose from depending on your preferences. Some jackets are waterproof while others are not. Jackets that have removable sleeves are good for all-weather. Others may have extra padding for warm or for extra protection. Jackets that are heavily padded are too bulky and not comfortable. Most jackets have reflective detailing and logos on them. Some have adjustment belt and chest padding for protection. Choosing jacket depends on individual’s preferences and needs.