Just because you’re in your 30’s and don’t have much money to burn, you shouldn’t disregard a trip to the Caribbean. You’re past the age of where all you want to do is party, drink, and sunbath. And you’re not quite at the stage in life where you can afford to spend your time playing golf or spending hours in the spa. The Caribbean is more affordable than you may think. So, get on the Internet and find the places you want to see and book up one of the luxury Caribbean homes and plan your dream trip today. This article describes everything you need to know about how to have an awesome time in the Caribbean in your 30’s.

What Type of Vacation Do You Want?

Before you consider planning your dream trip to the Caribbean, you should first consider what type of vacation you want. Are you a solo traveller who wants a break from the nine to five? Perhaps you just want to relax on the beach and recuperate from the day to day stresses of life. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to go to one of the large festivals such as Carnival in Trinidad or Crop Over in Barbados. Whatever it is, you can find an island to suit almost any type of experience and vacation that you’re looking for.

Some islands are better for a singles holiday and others provide that romantic getaway that you and your partner have been searching for. Think about what you want to do and the type of holiday and then get on the Internet and make it happen.

Choosing the Best Islands to Visit:

The Dominican Republic is probably one of the best islands to visit as a 30 something-year-old. It combines a range of activities from relaxing on the beach to hitting some of the bars and enjoying the nightlife. And there are lots of direct flights to and from this island to many places in the United States and across the world. This makes it easy to reach and you don’t have to spend hours getting from one place to another. Ten years ago you could manage and tolerate the travel, but not anymore!

You can find a number of hotels and resorts for any price range and you’re certain to find something on this island to suit your needs and interests. There are also lots of different places that you can visit and explore here. Why not spend the morning snorkelling and the afternoon going for a long stroll or go hiking? And then you can enjoy some of the spas and treat yourself later in the day.

But, it’s not just the Dominican Republic that’s a great destination. There are thousands of different places to choose from across the Caribbean making it a certainty that you can find your dream trip.

How to Have an Awesome Time in the Caribbean:

It’s so easy to enjoy yourself in the Caribbean with the relaxing vibes, funky music, and all year round good weather. One of my favourite things is to take part in some of the water sports. You don’t have to rent one of the jet skis and race around the water for hours and hours. But, you can take diving lessons or at least rent some snorkelling equipment. And don’t forget to catch at least one sunrise and sunset over the beautiful sea.

Important Things to Be Aware of:

The most important thing for me to mention is that you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune to have a great and luxurious experience in the Caribbean. Contrary to popular belief, it can actually be quite an affordable place to visit. Make sure you look into all your options before booking anything and make sure you check out different promotions. Remember, it’s always cheaper to visit during the low season.

You should also be aware of your personal safety when you visit. Crime can be quite high and some places do have a negative reputation for murder and violence. This usually isn’t directed at tourists and happens far away from where you are, but it’s worth mentioning and considering. You’re not as young and as reckless as you may once have been, but it still is something to remember before choosing the island that you want to visit. This may be more relevant to solo travellers or people who want to get more off the beaten path. The resorts and all-inclusive hotels tend to have a lot of security.

The final point is not to neglect private tours when you arrive. Sometimes we may think that we’re independent and can do everything ourselves. But, it’s also nice to have a local take you around and to visit some of the attractions in an air conditioned car. Some people in their 30’s see the older tourists on guided tours and feel as they’re not quite at that stage. Take it from me, you can learn and gain a better experience if someone is there to explain it to you. And it gives you the chance to get to the harder to reach places on the island too.

Concluding Remarks:

The Caribbean isn’t just for young people who are here to enjoy the water sports. It’s also not just for the older tourists who have the money and able to afford the luxury of an all-inclusive resort or cruise. Anyone of any age can have a perfect vacation in the Caribbean, especially if you’re in your 30’s.