Most people travel in groups to have companionship and someone to watch their back but everyone needs to take a solo trip in their lifetime. Despite the notion people have about travelling alone, going solo could take you on an exciting path of new experiences and self-discovery. Everyone needs some time alone to become self-aware and what better way to do that than on a solo travel.

The beauty of travelling alone is that you can do everything you have ever wanted without having to make compromises with anyone. Here’s how to make your solo trip memorable.


Make a comprehensive budget for your trip because you won’t have anyone to share the bills with. Take time to plan your trip and know how much every aspect of your trip is going to cost from the visa fees to the air tickets, hotel booking to the cost of meals.

Having the estimates for your travel, set aside some extra money for miscellaneous expenses and emergency situation.

One way to save on your travel expenses is by booking early. Buy your air tickets a few months in advance and do the same with your hotel accommodation. There are Secret Hotels in every city that are luxurious yet under-crowded because not so many people know about them.

Love your own company

The goal of travelling alone is to enjoy sometime by yourself and it beats the purpose if you are on video call with your family and friends the whole time. Get off the phone and social media and enjoy your trip. Be present in the moment and take in all the experiences without any distractions.

Within the safety measures, take yourself out in the city, go to dinner, take tours and truly be with yourself.

Personal safety

It is important to let someone know about your whereabouts while travelling solo. Always have your passport with you and make copies of it and email them to yourself in case you lose it.

Notify your consulate when you arrive in the country. They could be helpful when you get into trouble during your trip.

With no one to watch your back, you should be more careful about your security. Don’t walk in isolated places or dimly lit areas and it’s always better to ask for security tips from your hotel. They are better placed to tell you which places are safe and which ones aren’t.

If you get lost in the city, don’t panic as that will draw attention to yourself. Instead, calmly walk into a shop or by the sidewalk and get your bearings.

 Make new acquaintances

A solo trip is perfect for striking a conversation with a stranger. Be friendly with other travellers and the locals alike. They could be the key to making the trip more memorable plus they could help feelings of loneliness.

Be social and friendly with everyone you meet and take advantage of the solo trip to learn about new cultures and test new cuisine.