Road trips are one of the most rewarding and refreshing experiences to spend your leisure time. Whether it is over the weekend or the long summer holiday, hitting the road offers a much-needed dash of fresh air and you can have the thrill of driving in open highways as opposed to the gridlocks you are used to during your daily commutes.

To ensure that your road trip is enjoyable, you need to plan well and execute everything perfectly since road trips have inherent dangers like getting lost or your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

The following road trip hacks can lessen the bumps in your journey and make your trip enjoyable.

Plan your route

You need to plan your route for an awesome road trip experience. Check the Google Maps for the roads you want to drive along. Get the estimated length and locate the amenities along it like restaurants and gas stations if the drive is going to be long.

It is important to know how safe your route is and the precautions you need to take.  You need to know if there are wild animals that could attack you should you make stops along the way. If there are meerkats along the route, you need to ask: are meerkats vicious?

Of equal importance is remembering to carry your driving license with you and having an updated insurance cover.

Service your car

The last thing you want during your road trip is your car breaking down in the middle of an isolated road. Therefore, you need to have your car well serviced before you embark on your journey.

Take it to a qualified mechanic to check and ascertain it is in the best working condition for a road trip.

You also need to have a spare wheel and a toolbox in case of punctures and small mechanical problems. A well-stocked first aid box might also come in handy.

Packing tips

The amount of items you pack depends on how long you intend to be on the road. If it’s for a day only, then water and food should be enough. If it is for more days, then factors such as your sleeping and eating arrangements come into play.

If you will be camping, then you need to have tents, sleeping bags, and cooking stoves. If it a hotel accommodation, then you simply need your clothes and a few personal effects.

Whatever your arrangement is, pack minimally and leave some space for souvenirs you might acquire during your road trip.

Have a playlist

You need to keep yourself entertained during the course of the road trip. If you are traveling solo, music will be your only company, and you have to have a long playlist of your favorite songs.

You can load the songs onto your phone or USB stick, or have CDs like the good old days.

If you are traveling in a group, then your entertainment options are varied. You can play games in the car, just make sure you don’t distract the driver. Or sing together as you drive along.