If you are a bit bored of nights out at the usual places like bars, restaurants and the movies, then it can sometimes be fun to get friends together and try something a little bit different. One trend that is really catching on for group entertainment is escape rooms – something that has spread all over the world in recent years and are now available in most US cities. Here, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about escape room games, and why they are a fun experience to try with your friends!

What Happens in an Escape Room?

An escape room is a themed room that you and your group will be locked into, and have to escape from. This is usually as part of a story or scenario, and you will have a limited time to figure out what you need to do to escape from your particular game room using clues and puzzles inside. A games master supervises your experience and may offer hints if you are having difficulties working out how to progress so that you get the best out of the experience. There are all different kinds of escape room themes, from mysteries set in haunted mansions to action stories on runaway trains, so you can pick the kind of game that appeals to your taste. You may also have other things you need to do to complete the challenge, like rescuing a hostage, or disabling a device. As some examples, see the games available at this Cincinnati escape rooms location.

Who Are Escape Games Suitable For?

There are some escape games that are designed to be family friendly, where some of the puzzles are easier so kids can get involved and where the themes are less intense. However, the main audience is usually groups of adults or teens, including people who go to escape rooms for corporate team building! You can usually play in groups of two to eight people, and you can either book the whole room just for yourself if you don’t have a big enough party to fill it, or be placed with other smaller groups, meeting new people during your adventure. Since escape rooms started in Japan years ago and have recently spread to the rest of the world, people have used them for dates, bachelor parties, birthdays and just fun nights out with friends, as they provide a fun, entertaining and unusual form of recreation!

Are You Really Locked in?

Escape rooms are an amusement, and you are perfectly safe while you are inside. You can be released from the room at any time if someone in your group finds they don’t enjoy the experience and begins to feel anxious or trapped. Because all games are supervised, you can feel secure, however it may not be a great choice if you have severe claustrophobia.

If you are trying to find something fun to do this weekend with your friends, why not look up escape rooms in your area and give it a try?