When you’re heading off on a business trip, one of the most dreaded tasks is packing your suits. What were crisp, dapper-looking suits can soon look crumpled and unprofessional after a few hours in a suitcase.

However, there are some quick and easy-to-follow tips that’ll help keep your suits in tip-top condition, no matter how long you’re traveling for:

  1. Decide What Suits You Should Take

Firstly, think about where you’re going and what you’re doing on your trip. This is imperative as it’ll help you decide which suits you should pack. How many different formal situations are you going to be in? Is it all business or will there be some casual occasions?

You need to create a wardrobe that’s as flexible as possible, while still keeping it as limited as you can. That’s why it’s a good idea to opt for neutral colors, e.g. blue or gray, choosing black for formal events. Create variety by packing different ties and shirts. And always check that the hotel you’re staying in has an iron, just in case you need one. A lot of business-friendly hotels, like the Marriott Tucson Resort, will have these available in the rooms or reception area.

  1. Choose Whether You’ll Wear or Pack Your Suit

When you look for tips on traveling for business, some will advise that you should opt for comfort when you’re traveling, while others will say you should wear your suit to avoid any creases and wrinkles. However, when you factor in the amount of time you spend queuing, sitting down, and going through security, it’s highly unlikely your suit isn’t going to crease if you’re wearing it. Therefore, unless you’re attending a meeting as soon as you land, you’re probably best opting for comfortable clothes for the journey.

  1. Keep the Wrinkles at Bay

Want to know what the key to wrinkle-free suits is? It’s those things we’re quick to throw away – dry-cleaning bags.

Even in the most well-packed suitcases, suits will still wrinkle if they’re rubbing against other items of clothing every time the case is moved. And when you consider how many times your case will be moved throughout your journey, it’s clear there’s a lot of potential for wrinkles.

You’ll carefully fill your case on the bed before taking it to your door and putting it on the floor. Then you’ll pick it up and put it in the car/taxi… Need we go on?

As no bag can be packed tightly enough so nothing can move, each movement you make with your case will create another wrinkle. That’s where the plastic from your dry-cleaning bags comes in.

If you put your suits in a dry-cleaning bag, it protects them from this ongoing friction. It’s plastic sliding on plastic, not material on material. Just be careful if the dry-cleaning bag has writing on it as this can sometimes transfer onto other materials. Equally, if you haven’t got any of these bags to hand, other plastic bags, e.g. trash bags, will work just as well.

  1. Strategically Pack Your Other Items

When it comes to where you should put your suit in the case, there are a number of conflicting opinions. However, one of the best ways is to use your suit to wrap up your other items, especially as your suit is probably going to be the largest item you take with you. So, place your suit in the bottom of the case, with the rest of it hanging over the edge. Then fill your case with other soft pieces of clothing before placing the rest of your suit over the top. And voila!