Madrid’s not only renowned for its successful football team, Real Madrid, but there are many attractions in this marvellous metropolis that leaves tourists longing to return. Madrid is unreservedly a utopia for culinary classic, striking architecture, vibrant nightlife and much more. With it being the third largest city in Europe after London and Berlin, you can never run out of things to do. It’s a modern destination that has still managed to retain most the atmosphere and architecture of its history in its neighbourhoods and streets, definitely a holiday-maker’s haven. So here are some things that you can get up to when in Madrid.

Browse the Buildings

Madrid contains all kinds of architecture, from modern to historical you can find them parading the streets of this beautiful city. One of the more modern developments is the Repsol Headquarters, a luxurious abode for the 4000 employees that work for the company. The building stands out significantly because of the white beams that make up its structure and also the pristine grounds below, kept in tip top shape. Idom office also referred to as a ‘showcase of philosophy’ is another of the many modern buildings in Madrid, its build illuminates intelligence.

The more historical monuments are usually what makes up the tourist and social infrastructure of the city. Cybele Palace is Madrid’s city hall, it’s a gorgeous and grand establishment made from white marble, that dates back to 1919. See the views from the top floor, or be a spectator of the building at night when blue lights appear from it, and there’s an array of things to be enjoyed inside. Plaza Mayor is also one among the more historic buildings to visits.

Capture some history inside the walls of the National Archaeological Museum, with easy and understandable explanations to each things showcased in the museum, it’s an attraction for people of all ages. You can’t go  wrong when it comes to having an educational and interesting exhibition. The place to be if you want to learn more about Iberian Peninsula. It also contains virtual reality headsets and a museum app on arrival, to enhance your experience.


Fancy a bit of flamingoing with some of the locals? Craving for a cocktail to put you in that dancing mood? Madrid is the spot for that, home to beautiful displays of Spain’s artistic expressions and buzzing bars, this is the city to enjoy a good night out. Experience the happy feel good vibes all round from the fellow partiers. La Latina hosts some more traditional, authentic Spanish nights, showcasing its culture and charm. Take a stroll down its narrow streets and outdoor terrace bars, see Spanish performances and get a sense of Latin America as strings on the vihuela strum, the tambourine clashes and the flamenco feet glide.


There are plenty ways to tour Madrid. Catch a air balloon flight over the city and see the aerial views, from peaks to cathedrals and the Aqueduct. Enjoy the bird’s eye view, where people look like specks of dust and you feel invincible. Or for something a little more down to earth why not jump on an open-top, double-decker tour bus. Behold many of Madrid’s sites from skyscrapers to statues, all dotted around the city.

These are just some of the many things that you can get up to when on your trip to Madrid. The list is inexhaustible and 100% exhilarating so make sure you make this a destination for you to visit. You’re not short on travel either, book a private car whilst your there and make the most of the city.