If you live in the cold countries, you may be fancy in paying a visit to tropical country and spend your vacation at the beaches there. It is especially enticing to want to go to a tropical vacation when you see photos of white sandy beaches lined with coconut palm trees and azure seas. Tropical beach is also an attraction spot for surfers and divers who want to see the colorful coral reefs and the fishes that swim around it. The following are 5 luxury beach destinations for tourists who are looking to travel to the best tropical vacation spots on a budget.

  1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia that has a lush green mountaineous background. Along the Bora Bora beach, you will find a lot of coconut palm trees, and sunbeds. There are luxury bungalows with glass floor built on the shallow part of the sea water. You have the option of swimming or taking a boat or hire a sea bicycle to the nearby small islands. There is an onsite restaurant and car park.

  1. Aitutaki Lagoon

Aitutaki Lagoon in an aqua blue lagoon backed by lush peaks and palm trees in Cook Islands. To come to Aitutaki, you must board on a 45 minutes flight. You can visit the small village nearby to learn about the village life. If you look around the lagoon, you will be able to see over 20 motu (small islands). Renting the water bungalow is the best option if you want to splurge. Those who are interested in boating can rent the kayak.

  1. Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay comprises 3 beaches including Waioli Beach Park, Hanalei Beach Park, and Black Pot beach in Kauai, Hawaii. All 3 beaches are somewhat the same. Most places are safe to swim except in the areas where you see signs posted. However, the ocean conditions change throughout the year. If you want to swim at Hanalei Bay, you should come during the summer when the waves are calmer. Lifeguards are posted at several points along the beach. You can also rent various types of boats such as catamaran, and kayak.

  1. Secret Beach

Secret Beach is a beach with calm turquoise sea water, blue skies, and clean sand in Ambergriz Caye in Abaco. If you want to stay on the beach for some time, it is best to come early so that you can rent a beach chair. At Secret Beach, you can make use of the free volleyball net to play volleyball. There are vendors approaching visitors but they are not rude. You can find more amenities if you walk further down the beach. You also have the option to dine on the floating table in the sea water. Each table has a beach umbrella attached to it.

  1. Barcelo Beach

Barcelo Beach is a long white sandy beach that is suitable for strolling in Bavaro, Dominican Republic. There are also a lot of palm trees where you can get shelters from the hot sun. However, you may not need to sit under the palm tree to get shelter as it is quite windy on the beach. The emerald green water is clear but not many fishes or seashells are to be seen. You may be approached by locals who will try to sell you their stuff. There are a few types of boats you can rent such as parasailing, speed boat, plane boat, and catamaran.