If you would like to visit the Grand Canyon, you will quickly find that there are many tour operators who would like to take you there. So how do you find a bus tour company you can trust? One of the key things to look for is that their ticket is all-inclusive, and not just a seat on the bus. However, there are other things to consider as well.

Top Things to Look for in a Good Bus Tour Company

There should be full transparency over what is and isn’t included in the tour. Everything you need in terms of transportation and entry should be included as standard. You should also be able to find details about the type of bus, and what is offered onboard. Additionally, the company should make it clear whether there will be any breaks during the trip as well, and how long you will have in the National Park itself.

Another important service is the pickup and drop-off that is offered. The best companies will get you from your hotel, and make sure you come back there as well. This avoids you having to travel around an unknown area just to get to the bus.

Speaking of the bus, there are a few features that you should consider. Firstly, the bus should be modern with various luxury features. Quality matters, because driving to the canyon’s West Rim is a 10 mile trip on dirt roads, so you must be comfortable. You will, on average, spend five hours on the bus. Or, if you want to visit the whole thing, you can expect to spend 11 hours there. Hence, comfort is key.

Any good bus tour will also go past Hoover Dam, regardless of your chosen rim. You can expect the bus to stop there for the popular Kodak moment. However, do check this, because there are tours that simply head to the bypass bridge instead, never even stopping. This would be a tremendous shame, because the Hoover Dam really is an experience never to forget. While it is impressive even from the window of your bus, you should really have the opportunity to see it in real life.

You should also expect to be able to spend between two and a half and three hours at your chosen rim. There is so much you can do while there that you really need that time. At the South Rim, there is Mather Point, Grand Canyon Village, and Yavapai Point, for instance. Meanwhile, at the West Rim, there is Guano Point, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Eagle Point, and the Indian Cultural Center.

Because you will have a very long day on a Grand Canyon bus tour, you can expect to receive food and drinks as well. While you will pay less for a tour that does not offer meals, you will find that this is false economy. Firstly, you may not have time to purchase food elsewhere and, if you do, it will cost a whole lot more than what the tour operator would charge.