Whether you are going to the USA for leisure or for business, there are many things you should know before you go to have a pleasant and hassle free trip. Visas are often the number one thing you should research before you go otherwise you may risk being turned away at the border. There are many requirements for electronic visa for US but if you research these in good time it won’t be a problem. Actually, for foreigners like Chinese nationals there is an Electronic Visa Update System registration that lets you travel to the US multiple times. And so there is for nationals from other countries. It’s as simple as just bearing this in mind.

Visas – Make sure you have followed all the rules and regulations before you step on the airplane, if you haven’t you might be denied entry to the USA at the border. Being denied access will make applying for future visas very difficult. The regulations for visas change frequently, even if you hold a long term visa or don’t require a visa it’s worth checking what you need in order to have a hassle free trip.

Culture – You should probably research the culture of the USA before you leave, while you might feel you know a lot about American culture from TV and films, customs such as tipping often confuse European and Asian travellers who are unused to such acts. Different states of America often have different rates of tipping too, generally it’s around 20% for most places. There are many cultural nuances which you should learn about to have a great trip. Be careful when you cross the road, jaywalking is a crime and could land you with a fine.

Weather – This might sounds strange but it’s worth preparing for the weather. The USA is huge and it’s worth checking what the weather is going to be like before you go so you can dress appropriately. Often the weather can change quickly and you should be prepared for whatever the weather can throw at you.

Travelling to the USA is always fun, whether this is your first trip or one of many by following these tips you can ensure that your trip will be enjoyable and hassle free. Researching before you travel is always a great idea to ensure that you get the most from your trip and avoid any difficulties. The more research you do the better and by knowing more you will be able to have a much better trip. The USA is very different from Europe and Asia and is very different from how it is depicted in the media, have a realistic idea of what the USA is like and you will have a great trip.