What is life if not the pursuit of happiness? Many seem to forget this and fail to understand the true power that happiness can bring. There is a great difference between joy and happiness, joy is how you feel when you hear some good news, when you buy something new or when you are given a compliment, happiness on the other hand is an emotion which you feel over a long period of time which helps you to live a better life.

If you are looking for happiness then here are some daily changes which you can make in order to get it.


Sleep is about more than relaxing your body, it is about allowing your mind to process events and emotions, allowing your muscles and your organs to rest, recuperate and better operate and preparing your for the coming day. Many think that a  lack of sleep is some sort of badge of honor but this is not the case and if you want to be happy then you need to be getting at least 7-9 hours each night.


As simple as it sounds, people simply do not drink enough water to help their body function properly. The correct amount for men and women is 3 liters and 2 liters respectively and without this amount, the body needs to work harder, your energy levels will be lower and both combined can have a direct impact on your levels of happiness.


In the same way that a lack of water can affect your happiness levels because of what it does to your body, eating the wrong foods can have the exact same result. Equally, eating the wrong foods can cause you to gain weight which also leads many people to be unhappy.


Being humble is a characteristic which can not only help others to feel better about themselves, but also in helping you to be happier. Offering a compliment, teaching someone something new, telling someone how much you respect them, these are all attributes which can lead to a much happier you.


Exercise is not only great for the body but it releases endorphins, these are feel-good chemicals which fly through the body after exercising and help you to feel happier. If you exercise for just 1 hour every day then you will be able to keep your body in good shape and have a huge impact on your levels of happiness.


Humans are sociable creatures and a great way to feel happiness is with a tight group of friends and string relationships. For this reason it is important that you stay connected with people that you meet and friends which you make. We live in a  world now where it has never been easier to connect with people via a messaging system or a phone call and that friendship can count greatly towards your levels of happiness.

Happiness can infinitely change your life and with these small steps, you can become a happier person in no time at all.